2 fast ones, powerpoint and word stuff

Hi all

1st Q: I have a ppt file in a OLEcontainer. Is there any way to get the pictures count (number of sheets in the pressentation)?

2nd Q: I also have a word file inside a OLEcontainer, the container is NOT visible, BUT i want to be able to pront the wordfile without making it visible.


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1: I Would guess something along the lines of :

2: I Would guess something along the lines of :
  OleContainer.OleObject.PrintOut(BackGround := TRUE); //Or False if you want to see some info...


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FixzyAuthor Commented:
All I get is ----> Interface not supported


Sorry about the delay...

You need to call

When you have loaded your ContainerDocument....

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FixzyAuthor Commented:
Thanx....now the slide numbering works.

But  OleContainer.OleObject.PrintOut(BackGround := TRUE); does not work the method PrintOut is not supported *argh*...starting to disslike OLE :(.
By the way, I use D4
FixzyAuthor Commented:
Forget it...Now it works, I did not switch to a word file.

But it does not work if I set the OLE container to visible=false (I dont want the user to be able to open the word file, only to print it)

OLE Containers are the devil!!

Best suggestion i can come up with is don't do it in a container...do it in a regular ole object...

Uses ComObj;

  WordApp: Variant;
  WordApp := CreateOleObject('Word.Application');
  WordApp.Visible := FALSE;
  WordApp.Documents.Open(FileName:='C:\Path\To\YourDoc.Doc'; ConfirmConversions:=FALSE; ReadOnly:=TRUE);
  WordApp.ActiveDocument.PrintOut(Background := TRUE);

Or something like that..

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