Abrupt Shutdown Laptop

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop - Win Xp Home edition with DSL wireless/linksys router.  I works fine, however, after about one hour on, it abruptly shuts off.  When I hit the power button to turn it back on, it turns back on, but shuts off again in less than one hour.  

First I thought it might be a memory leak of some sort with MS updates.  I checked the error log, and have several DCOM errors "%1055" - [attempting to start the service netman] or [attempting to start the service cc PWDSVC] or [attempting to start the service Imapi Service] or [attempting to start the service event system]

I also checked the System properties.  Bios Toshiba 1.70 dated 1/10/02.  256 MB Ram, Physical Mem 49.55, Total Virtual Memory 826.36 MB, Available Virtual Memory 464.21 MB and Page File Space 586.88 MB.  

No other problems with computer.  No periphials except Epson printer.  Can anyone give a clue as to what to check and why this is happening?  Thanks in advance!!!
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Ok you may want to read the following. Apparently some Toshiba's laptops are prone to problems and some are not fixable. If is still under warranty you might think about returning it and getting a differnt brand altogether

Also go to Toshiba's site and see if they have a bios upgrade
Sometimes what is happening is that the heat sensor is not in sync with the XP sensor so upgrading the BIOS usually fixes this.
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Go here to see if there is an BIOS upgrade for your model


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Here is a link to several versions of the Satellite laptop

SuperCPlusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your timely response!!  And the great links!
The  BIOS and overheating seems to be an issue with Toshibas.

I have not noticed it being "too hot" with the fan blowing air from the (left) side of the laptop.  It does not seem too "overheated".  How would I check the temperature?

Scanning the 'complaint.pdf', it seems upgrading the BIOS on the [5000] Toshiba laptops decreases the processor speed (which decreases the heat generated) and is Toshiba's solution to the problem.  but, alas, I don't want this to be my solution!  I still want my P4 speed!!

I have signed up with Toshiba's Support Updates for the 1800 model that I have (thanks to your LINK!).  It does suggest a 2.0 version of the BIOS (mine is 1.70 version).  We'll try that and will respond to the solution!  Thanks!!!

It may not really be overheating. It could be caused by XP's sensor not being insync with the the Laptops sensors. Between the two there may be a misread.

However this free tool should help you to see the tempature. Just double click on the Computer node then on the Sensor node

system information tool

Hi SuperCPlus,

Plz check the power management settings under control panel. They might be configured to turn off the computer after some time.
On LAPTOPS, there are 4-5 settings in the Power Options.

1. Under Power Scheme, select Always ON

2. Click Hibernate tab and uncheck Hibernate

Hit OK to come out

All the best

SuperCPlusAuthor Commented:
Mea culpa for not getting back to you sooner - a busier weekend than usual.   I really appreciate the system information tool AIDA 32 - awesome.  However, it did not give me information about the temperature of the sensor.  (?)

I upgraded the BIOS from 1.7 to 2.0.

The power options were checked and they are were set for 4 hours on full power (the shutdown occured after 1 hr on full AC power) - I don't believe they were causing the the shutdown.

The laptop has not shut down so I am assuming the upgrade in the BIOS did the trick.  It may have slowed the processor a bit....not much though.  

I am awarding CrazyOne 500 pts.  Thanks for your quick response and good information!!!!!

You are welcome
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