Logon to Novell 3.12 server over wireless connection.

I have a working 20 node Novell 3.12 network that also has a DSL modem and wireless router connected to two Nortel switches.  No problem getting on internet.  No problem getting on Novell server.  Cannot see Novell server from laptop with Linksys wireless card.  Same laptop works fine with PC RJ45 Card wired to same Nortel switches.
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NetWare 3.12 does not do IP.  You have to make sure IPX is bound to the wireless card.  If the wireless card only handles IP, you're out of luck.

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Since 3.12 is over 10 years old, it's time to bring the back-end of your network into the present.  Upgrade to at least NetWare 5, that's only 5 years old.  The current NetWare version is 6.5.
As ShineOn has indicated, NetWare v3.12 (which is an ANCIENT version) does not support TCP/IP for file and print access (in theory, you can load some TCP/IP-based services, such as an FTP server).

Most wireless environments do not support IPX - which is a rather chatty protocol. You're using very modern networking gear, and I presume modern client workstations, to talk to an ancient version of NetWare. You can't expect that to work, or work well. You need to make some reasonable investment in your server. I'd suggest upgrading to at least NetWare v5.1, which would, among other things, enable you to eliminate IPX from your network and run in a purely IP environment.
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yep, unless your wireless router can route IPX/SPX packets as well as TCP/IP, you are out of luck with that older NetWare environment.

There have been a LOT of NetWare 3.x activity in these forums lately, and to think I've been having an arguement with some Greek guy in Germany who claims such installations had gone to Windows years ago!

I think you can reasonably impress upon your Greek associate that although the "focus" (a Greek-rooted term, IIRC) in the press has been Windoze, there still exist a large number of happy, successful, solid and secure NetWare installations worldwide, that have not had the will or the need to downgrade to Windows or migrate to a different platform, because as the Energizer Bunny continues to display, it "keeps going and going and going and going..."
Chris Papoudaris (his name) s unable to be reasoned with - TRUST ME!

Feel free to e-mail him with your thoughts, I've already got some guy in the Netherlands tag-teaming him with me:


His statements:  NetWare makes such a poor application server, it should be replaced with Windows.

This means even if NetWare is being used soley for file/print it should be replaced with a poor file/print server such as Windows.

Please feel free to nail him to a cross.  If you do, please CC: me at novellrocks@yahoo.com
Here's how they do it in 6. As for 3.12,I don't think it is supported.

Apparently ,it can be done ,but you need Novell multiprotocol router 3.1 or above.This comes bundled with 4.1x and above and should work with 3.12 oe 3.2.

I read that AppNote, and it requires that the WAPs support IPX. Many modern WAPs do not.

Also, it states in there that NetWare Client 32 is does not support the functionality. It may have been added since that article was written, true, but given that Novell all but abandoned IPX 5 YEARS ago, I wouldn't hold my breath.
unless the wireless device is going to support and transmit IPX/SPX for NCP on the NetWare 3.x box, it ain't going to happen.

that's the thing about wireless ROUTERS - they are usually protocol dependent to TCP/IP...

3Com still makes one .But I assume that if you go cheap,you don't get flexibility.I have yet to see a cheap router that does SLP through dhcp either.

3Com Wireless LAN Access Point 6000 - wireless access point
tcdmytryk -

Have you checked your wireless router to see if it supports IPX?  What brand/model is your wireless router?
Hello, tcdmytryk, are you still there?
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