Boot hangs (no logon box) after xp partition copied.

I copied win98 and xp partitions to my new hard drive (Data Lifeguard Tools 11.0) Did fixboot with xp console. Win98 boots fine, but xp boot hangs at the logo blue screen, where there should be logon boxes there ain't. If I copy only xp, leaving out the win98 partition, xp boots fine. Win98 is FAT32 first partition. XP is NTFS second partition made active. Hard Drive is IDE 120GB LBA. Need help entering text for boot.ini  with the two OS partitions. Could that cause the boot hang with no logon boxes? Help ! (please).
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You might have to do this

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP;en-us;315341

Visual aid to the above procedure
Click on How To Run a Repair Install

You May Lose Data or Program Settings After Reinstalling, Repairing, or Upgrading Windows XP;EN-US;312369

Data Loss May Occur After Reinstalling, Repairing, or Upgrading Windows XP;EN-US;312368
I don't think your boot.ini is the problem for the fact that it does get to the logo screen. If it as the boo.ini you would gotten an error messsage usuall on the order "Could not find HAL".
You said you did FIXBOOT did try FIXMBR
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Your boot.ini should look something like this

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINdows="Microsoft Windows XP" /fastdetect
C:\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows 98"
Also by any chance were you using a Boot Manager?
yuhookAuthor Commented:
I  have tried fixmbr a couple of times. Both times it seemed to make all partitions DEAD. And I would have to wipe the drive a copy again.

Current  situation is without any bootloader (other than xp's), but I also tried  adding a linux partition too, at which time I used grub. Results were the same. 98 booted, and xp hung at the absent logon box. Thanks
Is XP on the same partition as it was on the origianl disk.
yuhookAuthor Commented:
Yes. Partition sizes are different though. Both old and new drives are Western Digital. Manufacture date different by only 8 months or so.
Actually is the XP partition in the same postition number. Like lets say XP was the number 2 partition is it the number 2 partition now.
yuhookAuthor Commented:
When attempting to boot from new drive,  I always disconnect the old drive. The data in the copied partitions however naturally reflect both drives connected with the old drive as Master.
Might that discrepency cause problems?
yuhookAuthor Commented:
Yes, same position number.
Ok can you boot into safe mode?
yuhookAuthor Commented:
No. As I recall I got another blue logo screen with no logon box. (the resolution was different)
>>>the resolution was different

That is normal for safe mode. Umm I am guessing you need to do the repair thing I mention in my first comment.
I take it you put the 98 partition on while XP was already on the HDD, 98 wont see XP, so what you should do is install 98 and then install XP, because XP will see 98 and ajust acordenly.
yuhookAuthor Commented:
No. In alll attempts I always copied the win98 partition first. Last night I was about to remind Crazy One that if the 98 partition is removed, xp will boot. I then recalled that to get xp to boot by itself I had to run fdisk/mbr off of a win98 startup disk. I got offline and tried it. Instantly the hang
with no logon box was fixed and xp booted fine. Now 98 wouldn't boot, but I knew from experience that after running fdisk/mbr, it is necessary to run sys c: to get 98 to boot. Now both would boot but only by switching the active partitions. I tried many times to reconfigure the boot.ini file so the xp bootloader would work for both partitions, but I would always get the "HAL" error when trying to boot the 98 partition. I finally gave up on that (although surely there must be a boot.ini configuration that will work). Instead I installed Red Hat Linux 9.0 and the GRUB bootloader. Now EVERYTHING boots fine (yeah).

Here is a recipe for copying win 98 and win XP partitions and getting them both to boot from a different hard drive. 1)  Copy 98 to the front of the drive. 2)  Use a 98 startup disk to run "fdisk/mbr". 3) Use a 98 startup disk to run "sys c:"  <Note that steps 2 & 3 may not be necessary for all users, but I can't see where they could cause any harm.> 4)  Make a partition (NTFS) for  XP and set "active". 5)  Copy XP.  6)  Use the XP SETUP DISC and choose to "Repair" an XP installation, then run "fixboot c:".  7)  With the XP partition still active and the 98 partition still hidden, use a 98 startup disk and run "fdisk/mbr".  8)  Step 8 might be redundant, but now set 98 partition active XP partition hidden and use the 98 startup disk to run "sys c:".  9)   Now set the XP partition active, but make sure the 98 partition is ALSO visible. Presuming the XP boot.ini file is configured correctly, both OS's should be bootable from the XP bootloader screen.

Note again that I couldn't figure out what boot.ini configuration was correct, but instead loaded Linux and let GRUB do the dirty work. GRUB seems to make the boot.ini file inactive?? Even without loading GRUB, and having boot.ini set just to load only the XP partition i.e. partition number 2, both OS's can be made to boot by switching the active partition.

Note that without using the XP SETUP DISC REPAIR "fixboot c:" command XP can't "find itself"
on the new drive because it is configured for the old drive's geometry etc.
yuhookAuthor Commented:
Note that GRUB will not be able to boot the XP partition unless the  recipe is generally adhered to. Most importantly that XP Console Repair "fixboot c:" is then followed with a 98 startup disk "fdisk/mbr".
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