Netware 5.1 + Btrieve + VPN


I have a server with Netware 5.1 with is running a Btrieve database.

Now i want to scces the btrieve database trough the internet.

The server has a static ip-adres and the clients a dynamic.

How must i do this?

Can you give me tips how to handle.

Greetings Hendrik
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IIRC, Btrieve uses NCP over IPX.

You may have to set up an IPX tunnel on your VPN, or use compatibility mode.
nope - Pervasive SQL2000 has TCP listeners on it now (new in NetWare 5.1) -

You need to NAT a Public IP address to the servers Private interface and then open up IP ports in your firewall that allow for Pervasive communication, which is on port:s:  1583 and  3351 - see:

for getting Pervasive SQL 2000i working via TCP/IP

I said * Btrieve. * You said * Pervasive SQL2000. *

Two different (although related) products.  

NetWare 5.1 still had Btrieve 7, IIRC, NOT Pervasive SQL-anything...
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nope - Novell NetWare 5.1 shipped with Pervasive SQL2000 (7.51) - which is freely upgradeable to Pervasive SQL2000i (7.94).

The modules that allow for TCP/IP communication are BTCPCOM.NLM -

It was Novell NetWare 5.0 that still used the Novell-branded BTrieve database.

In case you didn't know, BTrieve *IS* Pervasive SQL - or should I say Pervasive SQL2000 *IS* BTrieve.  Novell sold the rights to BTrieve to Pervasive before NetWare 5.1 shipped.  Pervasive simply renamed it, upgraded it and changed the licensing (from unlimited users to 2-user vesions) and thus Pervasive SQL 2000 was born (and deployed with NetWare 5.1).

Trust me, you don't want to argue this point with me, I've got BTrieve applications running on NetWare 4.2 and 5.1 servers including ARCserve 7 for NetWare.  I know BTrieve and Pervasive configurations inside and out.  It's a sore point with me because of ARCserve and AMSI....

You can't run a BTrieve database on a NetWare 5.1 server unless you go thru Pervasive SQL2000 to do it.  The NLM's would conflict with each other if you attempted to install BTrieve on a NetWare 5.1 server (I did some research on this to see if it was possible as a workaround to the licensing issue).  This is because they are the same name (BTRIEVE.NLM).  However, Pervasive SQL 2000 is fully backwards compatible with  Novell's branded BTrieve database service.  It's all in the BTI.CFG...

the NetWare module that is Pervasive these days is NWMKDE.NLM

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btrieve wasn't novell-branded.
Btrieve was owned by Novell for a while, and it wasn't called Pervasive SQL 2000 until 1999.  Actually, Pervasive.SQL is a combination of the old Btrieve and another database engine that Pervasive already owned.  They combined features and cut their line down to the one database platform.

from -
"1999   Pervasive launches its flagship data-management product, Pervasive.SQL 2000, which included a new server platform: Linux. "

and even then, I remember having the choice of taking Pervasive.SQL or Btrieve 7 with NetWare 5.1 when I installed ARCServe on 5.1.

Pervasive SQL 2000i didn't come out until 2001.

So, we're once again both right, you a tad more than me this time... ;)
Oops,  it wasn't *Btrieve* that was owned by Novell, it was Pervasive, formerly SoftCraft, that had Btrieve, which Novell acquired way back when, and which was spun off later into its own company again...
Anyway, NWMKDE and any of the other MKDE's out there are all still Btrieve "under the hood."  That's why it uses "BTI.CFG" and not  "PERVASIVE.SQL.CFG."
Back to the question.  If lrtontjes says he's running btrieve and not pervasive.sql.2000 on his netware 5.1, I believe him.

I still say the difference is that Btrieve 7 still used NCP over IPX, or perhaps it was SPX calls - one or the other - and in order to go "pure IP" with the Btrieve stuff you had to switch from Btrieve 7 to Pervasive.SQL 2000.  Call me crazy, but that's what I remember from about that time, when I was putting up my first 5.1 servers.
You can't load BTrieve on NetWare 5.1 - because Pervasive SQL 2000 uses NLM's with the same name and backreving the internal database will screw up NetWare's installed application (NWCONFIG) database.  Novell has said - DON'T backrev.

However, Pervasive SQL is backwards compatible with BTrieve at the database level (will ever write version 6.x of the database files instead of version 7.x if you so desire).

So, it's possible to run a BTrieve application on a NetWare 5.1 using the Pervasive SQL 2000 engine to do it - the BTrieve app won't know the difference - this I have DONE (AMSI).

Besides, he said he was running a "BTrieve database" not that he was running "BTrieve database server" on his NetWare 5.1 box ;)

When we run AMSI (a Btrieve database originally running on NetWare 4.2 for our org) we run it under Pervasive SQL2000i (7.94) upgraded from Pervasive SQL2000 (7.51).  Instead of going to the BTrieve Monitor and displaying the database server stats on the NetWare console, you use the Pervasive SQL Monitor under Windows - you can see (after selecting your Pervasive SQL server) what database files are in use by which users, the protocol being used, handles, etc.

Simply follow the TID I provided, which explains how to access the database services via TCP (albiet under NetWare 6, but that comes with Pervasive SQL2000i (7.94) preinstalled - but you can freely update your 7.51 to 7.94 using Pervasive SQL2000i Service Pack 4, either way, the update is available on Pervasives' web site).

Follow the instructions to force Pervasive (BTrieve) engine to communicate via TCP.

Once that is done (and verified) - then assign a STATIC Public IP address to the STATIC Private IP address of the server running the BTrieve database.  This is called NAT - it's how a server with an internal (Private) IP address can be seen on the Internet with a different external (Public) IP address.  Then, if you have port filtering on a firewall, you will need to open the two TCP ports I mentioned above in your firewall.

Once that is complete and communication can be verified, simply point a "client" to the Public IP address, NAT should take care of the rest.

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