Forgot winroute password !!!!! URGENT

Please can someone help me, we were robbed a few weeks ago and all our documentation was stolen. Most of our clients have winroute pro set up. All our customer passwords and settings were in these documents. I despratly need to know how to recover forgotten passwords of winroute pro so that i can make the necessary changes.


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lion74Author Commented:
Also ive got 2 clients that have an error, "hash table is full" I dont know what this is, i can not get into the configuration to see the settings.
Does anyone know how to resolve this as winroute keeps going down.
Surely the customers have the passwords as well ?

If you contact winroute support (kerio), they will tell you how to bypass the password.

They will not tell you how, unless you contact them, for security reasons.
You could also ask them about the "hash table is full" error


lion74Author Commented:
Ive thought of that, thank you, and yes i have contacted winroute!!! This is urgent so who ever gives me a answer first ill use. I cant wait for winroute to decide to answer me, the last time i had a problem i waited almost 2 days for an answer. I know there is a way around, i say an interesting link a few months ago, i just cant remember the link.
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You can phone them if you are using winroutepro ?

The should be able to give you an answer there and then.

I have done this before, a few years ago (when it used to be on the suppot website).
But for the life of me i cannot remember how it was done exactly, it was along the lines of editing a file and the registry.

Sorry if i am not being much help. :(

Just found this, give it a try to remove the password, you never know.

also found this on ther kerio site, not sure if it applies to the admin acc though;
How do I reset the password for a user if I've lost access to the administration?
Settings for all users are stored in the users.cfg file located in the 'install path/MailServer' directory. Stop the KMS service/engine and edit the users.cfg file using notepad. You will see that each user has a password field with an encrypted password value. Replace the content of this field with 'NUL:yourpassword'. Note that NUL indicates that the password is in plaintext. After logging into the administration you can edit the password so that it will be encrypted in the users.cfg file.

see if they help

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lion74Author Commented:
That users config file is for the mail server. Ive seen that link as well, but i dont understand it, if i remove all the entries for the user config and local machine... winroute will not have any files in the regestry, how will it function without any files in the reg.
Im sorry ive seen this to somewhere, just cant remeber.
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