Web Based Network Management (SNMP)

Hi all,

 I want to develop a system using JSP & struts frame work to manage our network. The network includes several elements like switches, routers, Modems etc.

 I want a good concept of developing this system using SNMP with Java. At present I got two solutions with me.

 1) Using JMAPI (Java Management Extension API).
 2) Advant Sets API.

 But when ever user click or any element which are shown in browser my Web server reads all the data from SNMP (get, Getnext) then it redirects the output to the user. But this process is very slow...

 I want to make some thing which does this operation asynchronously..Any Good Ideas for above problem..

 Please let me know if u need more information..


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You can run a dedicated thread to read the snmp data, construct a collection object and store it in web application scope, in certain interval.

JSP page will just look into the oject and display it.

Let me know if you have further enquires.
lamdorAuthor Commented:


 Actually I want to collect the data from a thread which always runs in specific intervals and stores the data in database (Oracle). When ever user request for the status then the data will be fetched from the database instead of querying the SNMP again and again.

 The above procedure is normally followed for making the task asynchronusly and fast. But I want any other solution which makes it more faster and stable like live data. This also can be achived using applets but is it good to use Applets in this case or not?..

At present i want to follow as below. Using EJB with Orion server. All EJB instances for each element will be refreshed when ever data is inserted/updated in the database. But how can I refresh the EJB's when the trigger (Insert/Update) fires on a table. How to achive this..?

 Can anybody help me in this regards.

 thank you,

with regards

Why do you have to save data in database? there is extra overhead to store/retrieve data in db. As I said, you can simple store data as application scope vars.

I don't think applet can make things any better.

Using EJB to keep the state is also a good idea. when you use EJB, it is strongly recommend to use CMP and don't make any changes to database bypassing EJB. There is no way you can refresh EJB when data is directly changed in database. So you snmp data collection thread should be updating data to EJB instead of database.

Let me know.

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lamdorAuthor Commented:
Hi thanQ,

 Actually I also need to store the data in database for future reference and statistcs. So, Thats the reason I want to store the data in database from the thread and then db to ejb next.

 So there is no way we can refresh the beans(EJB Content Management Beans) from the database...But if that the case how can I make the operation sync with database-EJB.

 any other idea..How about MDB (Message Driven Beans) with SQL J..

 ThanQ for ur help..

>> how can I make the operation sync with database-EJB.
instead of let the thread write to database directly, let it call EJB to create/update new data. so EJB will be aware of any data change and always insync.
lamdorAuthor Commented:
 Thanks for ur help..

 Actually the thing is I am thinking some what the concept of MBean with EJB for managing the applcation.

 but presently there is no full support for SNMP adaptor..how could I do..?


I think when you want to save to database, you should be using Entity Bean, that's the only data persistent EJB.
I don't think this Q should be deleted. asker was looking for general implementation advice, and advice was given. Asker then abandoned the Q.
Computer101, please have a look at asker's other Q history, thanks.
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