Delphi with MSSQL

 I use Delphi with MSSQL and connect via BDE.
Now I want to use something else and I'm evaluating other tools.
I want to know:
1) which tool do you suggest (for a minimum conversion effort from BDE).
2) if some of you use SQLQuery (from component store) and if it's a good tool.

I use Delphi 5, but I'll move to 7 soon.

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use the adocomponents instead

to 1. do convert from hand, best control about the result
to 2. ? don't know waht is meant

meikl ;-)

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I use SQLQuery, very fast and very easy to use. No difference between BDE and SQLQuery in use, except that SQLQuery need no .dll. You should have only MS SQL Client installed on computer. I highly recommend to use SQLQuery.
We wrote about 10 big programs using thouse components on our plant.
delphizedAuthor Commented:
Dear Ray_Adams,
  and wath about the support? I felt like component-store is a bit vanishing (they don't give their address, nor their telephone number. Did you have contacts with them for some reason? how is the feedback?.
And there is some drawback using SQLQuery?

dear  kretzschmar,
  I tried ado, but it isn't suitable for me. Thankyou.
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delphized - I never contacted Component Store, i just use and if i found some incompatible issues , i try to avoid it.
But generaly, SQLQuery works without any problems with last SQL Server like 2000, but have some issues with 6.5
delphizedAuthor Commented:
I use SQL Server 2000.
wath do you mean with generally? can you give me an example of some problems found working with SQLQuery?
Try to use SQLQuery with SQL 6.5. TcsStoredProcedure doesn't allow to retieve procedure parameters, but work very well with 2000. I knowno other problems :)
Use DBExpress components, for MSSQL,MySQL,Oracle and etc... fast as hell.
delphizedAuthor Commented:
I had a quick look at db express, but they nedd a hevy restyling to convert a project from BDE, so they are my last chance...
the big deal is to convert  all work already done with BDE....
yeah, you are in a big trouble, i had a problem like that converting an ADO app with MSACCESS database to MySQL with DBExpress, took me 1 week...
delphizedAuthor Commented:
Today I had a look at MS site and they say that DBLibrary will not be supported in future release of SQL server. SO SQLQuery is Out for me now.
Any suggestion? :-(
(probably I Have to reconsider ADO - OLEDB ?)
delphized - Where did you read it? Give me the link.
delphizedAuthor Commented:
msdn home > msdn library > Enterprise development > Windows Server System > Microsoft SQl Server > Microsoft SQL Server 2000 > Building SQL Server Applications Overview.
After the first table there is a warning that says that from future versions of MSSQL you won't be able to use dblibrary, so you have to adeguate.

(sorry that I didn't have the direct link but you could find it)
sad news! I don't want to use any ADO components, i like always direct components! Very fast, faster than any ADO alternative.
Dude, if you have the $cash$ buy "SQL Server Data Access Components " at "" or other commercial stuff...
Time? Well, you are a programmer, and programmers don't care about time, as long as it works...
delphizedAuthor Commented:
>> Dude, if you have the $cash$ buy "SQL Server Data Access >>Components " at "" or other commercial stuff...

SDAC uses OLEDB that is indicated in the same article as " build tool and utilities..." it seems that MS wants to go on ADO intensively. So I think I'll go to ADO...

>>  Time? Well, you are a programmer, and programmers don't care >>  about time, as long as it works...

What a @#òà# thing!!! Time is money
If so, u should have started the project with the right tools (:
now u have to rebuild the whole thing (:

Best Regards
delphizedAuthor Commented:
for zorfael,
Yes, you're right... if only i knew to read the future ;-)
this is a very big project I started 6 years ago and countinues evolving, and it passed through Paradox,IB and now MSSQL. I have lost enought time by now, and I want to be sure that this time I peek a right and durable choice... (even if nothing is durable in this sh@#à#ty windows world).

By the way, did some of you have used the Delphi ADO Componrnts? some tip?

>did some of you have used the Delphi ADO Componrnts?
yes, what tip do  you need?
delphized - I think, than new version of SQL Server will be released not less than after 3 years. So use what you have.
For example, we use steel use 6.5 SQL Server for most part of our projects and we cannot transfer them to SQL 2000. But new projects we started to write using SQL Server 2000.
now I got it...
anyway, just tell me what you need to know about the functionality of the ADO components and I'll be happy to help u (:

by the way... Have you ever thought about using MySQL instead of SQLServer? It's always good to get rid of micro$oft stuff (:

MySQL is a beautiful database, a professional choice,as good as ORACLE or PostgreeSQL.

Best Regards.
delphizedAuthor Commented:
for Ray_Adams: I decided to move from BDE, so I have to choose a solution that will work for many years. Choosing a solution that is alredy marked as dead (SQLQuery) is not for me.

for the others: I would like to know the mayors drawbacks of ADO and if it gives more problems that BDE. If it's better to use the delphi components or third party.

thanks to all.
ado works properly,
well, is not fastest,
but is easier to handle than bde

mayor bugs i've not found

meikl ;-)
delphizedAuthor Commented:
and did they fixed some bugs on ado components between delphi 5 and 7? (or better do I have to move to Delphi 7 before porting to ADO?)
for d5 are the bugfixes for download at

for d7 are no ado-bugs known until yet

meikl ;-)
delphizedAuthor Commented:
well well well...
so It's decided , I'll move to ADO.
thanks to everybody partecipating and I'll split the points.
dude, make shure you do the right decision...
so you'll move to ADO with SQLServer? i strongly recommend MySQL (Which you can access directly !!! it's your software and the database, nothing else), and MySQL has awesome features that will help you build the most complex queries or whatever in no time, and talk about speed... your heart will skip a beat when you see it.. I'm not joking. ADO is not bad, but you said you want a solutions for many years right? the solution is simple: ORACLE,MySQL,Postgree SQL, that's it.

Best Regards
delphizedAuthor Commented:
thankyou for the ad, but I'm not choosing the database now. I decided to move to MSSQL one year ago and I'm happy about that. I think that MSSQL is a good product and I'll not move to another DB.( for at least 1k year I hope).
hio, i'm recommanding you SQLDirect components for these reasons:

1) they're compatible with standart components (that means there are equivalents with same or more properties) so you should convert your project easily (with a little help from GExperts)
2) they're direct connective (fast and without BDE or other shity relatives)
3) they support various database engines (switching is easy as in DBExpress, just 1 property) so if you're planning to change a database (next year ;) there'll be no problem
4) they're commercial which means they're supported (there's no real need, because they're almost without errors, at least I never encountered any for 3 years)
5) my personal best experience in delphi (5 and 7)

regards Kate ;))
delphizedAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kate, but you have to read carefully above. I won't use SQL-Direct for the same reason for which I won't use SQL-Query. They link directly to DB_Library...
Hi again,

well, generally you're right, but I'm working on central control application for unnamed car maker (which is huge ~1.5M lines now) and I'm using core database unit..So even in the case our customer will deside to upgrade their version of SQL-Server (which I don't expect to be happening within 2 years at least) I'll choose another aproach (ADO probably) and I would have to change this very only unit (1-2 days).. Until now SQLDirect definitelly rules..Try and compute taking in mind this:

"While the DB-Library API is still supported in Microsoft SQL Server 2000, no future versions of SQL Server will include the files needed to do programming work on applications that use this API. Connections from existing applications written using DB-Library will still be supported in the next version of SQL Server, but this support will also be dropped in a future release."

IMHO this means that next version of MS-SQL Server (2004 or whatever) will support connectivity of DB-library designed approach. If we're taking as a fact that 2004-2000=4 which is four years at least and you have to add that your customers won't swap their servers to their version immediately (let's say 1 year extra) here are the results:

~1 year before customer swaps to new version (2000-2004?)
~4 years before new version appears (2008?! or whatever)
~1 year before customer swaps to very new version (2004?-2008?!)

that's total of ~6 years..don't you think the bets are good ?! I don't think the panic is suitable in this case..because SQLDirect works right here right now easy to use..but within those years another aproaches may appear (and bet they'll be better than ADO or ODBC together), moreover there's no premise that SQLDirect won't change their approach to "not using" the DB-library preserving compatability with actual components.

note: I'd read those comments above (esspecially those concerning your future assurances)
note: Microsoft consists of bone-lazy folks :]
note: If you already decided for ADO and just trying to find the best components don't take this comment seriously ;))

a little bit of teasing you with honest regards
Kate :P
delphizedAuthor Commented:
thanks for your support kate,
I'm not decided for ADO, I don't like ADO and I don't like ODBC.
I have seen the speed of DB-Library and I agree with you for that point.
But I passed thru paradox, Interbase and then to MSSQL. Now I want to stop this trip and have a pause. Can' t I have it? :-)
I don't have panic, I am bored of borland attitude of leaving the things undone, and I'm bored of the time lost to patch the errors of the others.
So this time it has to be better...
( ah, my company have 380 exes in the program and the two day conversion is not my case... ;-)

See you kate.
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