Dependent Drop-Down: Netscape Problem

Hi guys..

I'm using the following code which works for IE but not Netscape 4. Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[code here]
<script language="javascript">

var arr1=new Array();

$query = "SELECT * FROM tbl_personals_provinces WHERE pprov_active = 1";
$qsProvinces = mysql_query($query) or die("The query failed. ".mysql_error());

$query = "SELECT * FROM tbl_personals_countries WHERE pcountry_active = 1";
$qsCountries = mysql_query($query) or die("The query failed. ".mysql_error());

$p = 0;
    echo "arr1[".$p."]=new Array();";
    echo "arr1[".$p."][0]='".$row1["pprov_id"]."';";
    echo "arr1[".$p."][1]='".$row1["pprov_name"]."';";
    echo "arr1[".$p."][2]='".$row1["pprov_countryID"]."';";
    $p = $p+1;

function setDynaList(f){
         var win = window.document.frm_quickSearch;
         var k=0;
         n = f.options[f.options.selectedIndex].value;
         common = win.qs_provState;
         common.options[k] = new Option("Search All",'');
               common.options[k] = new Option(arr1[i][1],arr1[i][0]);

             if(common.length == 0)
             common.options[k] = new Option("Search All",'');

<body onLoad="setDynaList(window.document.frm_quickSearch.qs_country)">

[other code stripped...]

<select name="qs_country" style="width:130px" class="p_qsBox" id="qs_country" onchange="setDynaList(window.document.frm_quickSearch.qs_country)">
<option value="">Search All</option>
<?php while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($qsCountries)){ ?>
     <option value="<?php Print $row["pcountry_id"];?>"><?php Print $row["pcountry_name"];?></option>
<?php } ?>
<option value="1000">Rest of the world</option>

<select name="qs_provState" style="width:130px" class="p_qsBox" id="qs_provState"></select>

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bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
ok, for the qs_provState, I added 1 option called Search All to see how NS would react and it did *something* atleast. My code kind of works now except that the qs_provState dropdown is fu*@ed up when clicked on.  It makes another 2 buttons that you have to scroll through.

I don't know if you understand what I am talking about so I took a screenshot! :)

that appears whenever there is a multiple select option like.

<select name="qs_provState" size="1" multiple class="p_qsBox" id="qs_provState" style="width:130px"></select>

check that
bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
well, I don't have that anywhere in my code unless I'm completely blind! :)

I've experienced this exact same problem with another site I was building a few months ago. I never found the problem with that either! :(

Plus I was using code from Macromedia:

There must be some kind of solution..
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bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
oops.. scratch that last comment about Macromedia's code! hehe.. I meant to say that I had that same problem with code someone from EE gave me. There's something in the macromedia code that makes it work for NS. But I don't know what! Maybe something to do with the size of the dropdown? I'm a newbie to this so I dunno! hehe


Well a quick search on for 'javascript netscape vs ie' it comes up with these things:

which bascially mean you need to reference the field by getElementById('fieldIdName') rather than with the field name.

Stupid stuff that IE takes into account but netscape does that varies from the overly userfriendly methods of Microsoft


bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean exactly.. :) I'm really crappy at javascript! hehe. do you think you can give me a code example?

for example:

 common = win.qs_provState;
 common = win.getElementById('qs_provState');

that help?

bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
I put that change in there but it made things worse. In NS, I couldn't even see that box anymore with the weird scrolling and in IE, an error said: Object doesn't support this property or method.
bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
Wow, the way I fixed it for now was to put 5 options :

<option value="">Search All</option>
<option value="">Search All</option>
<option value="">Search All</option>
<option value="">Search All</option>
<option value="">Search All</option>

This some how gives the box a height of 5 lines so now everything works. And these above boxes are not even visible because they are wiped clean from the array.  Very interesting.  So I guess I was on the right track earlier when I said that it has something to do with specifying the size of the dropdown..

Anyway - what do I know. heheh.
bloodtrainAuthor Commented:
The question has been PAQ'd and the 50 points have been refunded.
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