Disk I/O error: Status = 00001000 problem guide me.

Hi All,

I am facing a problem for the last 10 days, I could't recover back. Sudenly my system get hanged so what I did was using task ctrl I closed the task one by one. After that I was unble to get my Windows Start button, so I reset the system intentionally. That's all..I was unable to boot my system.

My OS is Windows 2000 Professional
Maxtor HDD 120 GB.
It is sayig this Error info when the time of progress bar is going, ie after selecting the OS type. Only windows 2000 professional is loaded.

Disk I/O error: Status = 00001000
For troubleshooting and advanced setup options for Windows 2000, press F8
Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows NT
Setup using the original Setup floppy disk or CD-ROM
Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair

It has 2 partitions C and D (40GB and 80GB) both are NTFS partitions. The strange is, if I am trying to add this HDD to some other machine that has same OS, I can able to see the partitions. But I am unable to explore those 2 partitions. So that I am unable to recover my data also.

Please help me pals, very urgend. I have all my works in that HDD.

Expecting a fast response,

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi tn_bobbie,
How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows 2000

Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000

Differences Between Manual and Fast Repair in Windows

One of the registry files are corrupted.
Boot from CD to Recovery console.
tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:
Hi Mihailo,

I am unable to do that. Even I can't operate any command in the C drive. I can able to enter into the console mode that is all.

Using repair option also I can't able to do anything.

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>IIt has 2 partitions C and D (40GB and 80GB) both are NTFS partitions. The strange is, if I am trying to add this HDD to >some other machine that has same OS, I can able to see the partitions. But I am unable to explore those 2 partitions. So >that I am unable to recover my data also.

Did you put your HD in machine running Windows 98/ME or 2000/XP? Windows 98/ME can't see NTFS partitions.

>I can able to enter into the console mode that is all.

How do you mean "console mode" ? Can you access C partition?
My mistake. I should read more carefully. Sorry.

You said that you can see partitons, but you can access them?
What message did you get when you try to acces partitions?
nader alkahtaniConsultantCommented:
Boot the machine from Windows 2000 CD-ROM  then by using Recovery Console do the following commands :

chkdsk /r



To start the computer and use the Recovery Console
From the Setup CD-ROM

Insert the Setup compact disc (CD) and restart the computer. If prompted, select any options required to boot from the CD.
When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts; choose the repair or recover option by pressing R.
If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, choose the installation that you need to access from the Recovery Console.
When prompted, type the Administrator password.
At the system prompt, type Recovery Console commands; type help for a list of commands, or help commandname for help on a specific command.
To exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer, type exit.
tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:

>Boot the machine from Windows 2000 CD-ROM  then by using Recovery >Console do the following commands :

>chkdsk /r

I have tried the chkdsk /r

Everything went wrong it seems to be. It went upto 26%. After that it said that unable to recover the partition. Now I can able to enter into the partition C. But i lost almost all data. It is displaying only some amount of data only( I mean dir and files from the C partition).

I need badly u'r assistance.

Waiting for a quick response.

tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:


after that i tried

fixboot command, now even i am unable to boot the system via CD Rom.
Help me sir.

Conditions are going worse, assist me.

nader alkahtaniConsultantCommented:
Don't worry !

" chkdsk /r "  repairs hard disk and doesn't corrupt it .
"fixmbr" command fixes Master Boot Record and doesn't corupt it .
"fixboot" command fixes Boot Partition and doesn't corrupt it .

You said "It went upto 26%"

did you let chkdsk /r to complete the checking ? if no you should let it complete .

can you reinstall OS ?

what is exactly error message when you did chkdsk ?
tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:

After completion of 26% the system automatically quit the process and gave me a report.

It was unable to continue, because an error accurred in drive ...enumeration.(some this like this).
No i haven't reinstall OS.

Your Hard Disk is faulty. IO Error because when reading files they are on a faulty area of its surface. Unable to browse the Hard Disk when in another PC because it is not the entire surface of the disk that is faulty (physical damage) and some information is readable (like the size and location of the partitions) but other information is not (like the start and end of each file).

Windows starts booting cos its able to read some files but as soon as it gets to the point where a bad file is located it dies.

You may not be able to recover your data. So you need to pull data off your backup. You did have a backup, didn't you?

There may be other options, probably the best is to take it along to a computer shop and get them to try stuff on it. If you don't wanna do that, reply to this and I'll think about it for a while.

tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:

what can i do now sir? i didn't get proper information.
tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:
Actually those are my official data. I don't  want to take my HDD to a computer shop. Eventhough I have tried this, they are asking me to give the HDD to them for a day or two. In such a cases what is secutiry of my data?

Give me some suggestion. Waiting for a close response.
This is an issue I come across frequently. I work for a Computer reseller, and we have many small business clients, and they have to base their decision to trust us with their data on our reputation as a longstanding company (since 1986) who has never had any bad publicity for being unscrupulous with clients data. Or unscrupulous at all, for that matter.

If you want someone to help you recover your data you are going to have to swallow the fact that they are going to have access to that data while they do it.

Basically, you need to get data off this disk. If you try Scandisk or some other software tool (Norton Utilities) you will probably have a 50% chance of sorting the problem out yourself. Actually I would recommend NOT using scandisk at all. Even Norton utilities (which is a much better product) may not be up to the job. If you fail, you have probably made the problem worse.

I was on a customer's site the other day (Tuesday 18th) and was unable to fix this error. I managed to get the missing files (different missing files to your problem, but still a 00001000 error) back on the hard disk, and it booted up fine one time, but then next reboot different files were missing. Basically the surface of the disk was being scraped by the Read Head and was getting worse, rapidly.

BUT, I don't think I am helping a great deal here. You could get the people you take your computer along to, to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement if you like, BUT as I said earlier, if they want to keep their business alive, its in their interest to be trustworthy.

Unless you have illegal data on your disk, in which case, you want an UNtrustworthy company who wont report you to the authorities ;-)
tn_bobbieAuthor Commented:
Good news for all,

Finally I successfully recovered all my data using a third party tool..
The cost is arroung $99.0

Thanks alot for all your valuable informations.

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Delete & Refund


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