how to recover emails through OST files in outlook

HI ,
Well i am in a deep trouble.I had one user which in my 2000 Exchange server and after he left i have deleted the account from Active no more emails from the Exchange server but luckily i have the computer  and have the offline files due to synchronisation with exchange server and i have the OST file now.

How can i get the emails from OST file for the outlook.
Is there any way to do it.
I have tried the ExchangeRecovery software which can convert OST file to PST file but it is a trial version and for the full version i need to buy it and its very costly to me.
Is there any workaround for this situation.
It will be a gr8 help

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi harry_cyprus,
use this to contert it

Convert OST to PST


Use this program to turn your ost file into a pst file.

Log into the domain, then import the new PST file into your profile.

Then import it into outlook


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Make sure you follow the instructions on ost2pst.exe exactly, a lot of people have encountered errors because they aren't typing the syntax in exactly as described in the readme.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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harry_cyprusAuthor Commented:
It so simple to do it with the software PeteLong showed in the above mentioned URL.

you just need to make your Outlook as the Default Email program in the Internet settings.
and Run that software to convert OST to PST files and your emails are back.
Thanx a lot  PeteLong..You saved a lot of time for me.Big Cheers to u

Outlook/Exchange 2003 Question:
The Problem:
Deleted Items Folder is getting bigger and bigger and cannot be opened to display contents, plus contents cannot be emptied.

error messages suggest file corruption and suggest 'Detect & Repair', which is ineffective.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what might be causing this problem and how it might be rectified without having to dismantle the client configuration too much

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Another great converter of .ost to .pst is at . I continually recieved an error message when using ost2pst.exe, when I used the erdemo.exe i had nothing but smooth sailing. I just wanted to list an alternative to ost2pst.
governor_arnold, looks like you are new to the site, so welcome.  

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Yes, you can get emails from OST using Convert OST to PST tool, which you can locate at 
Curt HuffVice PresidentCommented:
THe solution refers to a link that is no longer functional
This thread is 7.5 years old, it's understandable that the original URL may no longer be correct.  A quick Google search for "ost2pst.exe" returns 103,000 hits, the first of which includes a link to the file.

Please open a new question if you need assistance.
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