Im not into visual basic at all and this is my problem.. they said that its possible in VB..

I would like to make a program which runs an HTML code from only an EXE file without letting anyone have a chance to see the HTML source
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
add an internet transfer control

sub showhtml(url as string)


end sub
msaaAuthor Commented:
sorry I dont want to put a url, I have an HTML code which I want to run through a program thats it, and I dont want to relate it with an HTML file or any url
I am not sure that you understand what HTML is.  HTML is the description language for a WEB page.  And when the Page is rendered in a browser, the HTML code MUST be displayabel (with the View Source) in the Browser.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish.  What is it that you think HTML does or is?

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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
if i understood:

add a webbrowser control to your project

webbrowser1.navigate "about:blank"

in webbrowser1_documentcomplete event paste this:
if (pdisp is webbrowser1.object) then
    webbrowser1.document.body.innerhtml = "your html code goes here"
end if

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msaaAuthor Commented:
Well, I dont need to display the code lets say for example the code downloads a pic from .. nothing has to be displayed but the code has to run.. thats it
but the code that executes is NOT HTML, but the Script that is embedded within the HTML.

HTML is the HyperText MarkUP for the Page, and embedded in the HTML is additional, non-HTML scripting code, that will be executed, by the browser, on the client PC.  This embedded code is either VBScript or JavaScript.

Can you post an example of the FULL HTML code that you are truing to execute?

Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
"...Well, I dont need to display the code....."
You will not display the CODE but the renderized CODE (by the browser)
msaaAuthor Commented:
sure, :)

Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
then, follow my previous coment and you would see...
that is NOT code, but instructions to the BROWSER to load the jpg into the frame.  and the browser then uses the Internet to load the image.  

what you have here is PURE HTML, there is no code to 'execute'.  The HTML must be RENDERED and in the process of that rendereing, the image is loaded.  HTML is NOT program code in the normal sense of the term, and as such is not 'run'.  It is closer to a recipe (like a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies).  You do not 'run' the recipe, and the recipe is not a 'program'.  Rather, the cook 'renders' the recipe - follows the steps - and creates a batch of cookies.  So too, the Browser 'renders' the HTML, and produces the page.

so Richie's suggestion is correct.  you must use the webbrowser control to render the HTML.


msaaAuthor Commented:
will try to find the web browser control since im a begginer and have to background in VB :) thanks everyone tried to help, will reply back after trying.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Just do a right click in the toolbox, Components... and locate Microsoft Internet  controls, put a mark on it and Push OK button.
This added the control to your toolbox, just do a double click on it and control would  added to your form.
msaaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Richie and everyone who helped.. will check that now ;)

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