CRAXDRT Error Occurred on Server. 438: Object doesn't support this property or method.

Update:  We have found that by clicking the Go to next page in the viewer, the report works.

We have a report that has no problems running until recently and this is the error I am getting.

We are using CR v 8 with ASP and IIS.

Can with this one?  Crystal just says to reinstall all of the web components on the server, but it doesn't give any reason as to why the report would be fine for quite some time and then just fail without reported (note: I said reported) changes being made to the file, server, or web site infrastructure....

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Did you upgrade your components?  It's doubtful that there were really no changes made anywhere - although perfectly believable that no one will admit to it ;)

Crystal does recommend completely removing and reinstalling the components to correct this issue:

karihaneyAuthor Commented:
I followed another suggestion by Crystal to remove the CR Viewer Control and unregister the dll and delete it....The viewer would then give me the proper components, but that didn't work either.

Problem is more complicated :::  What caused this in the first place???


You have to reinstall not only viewer, but all runtime components as well (craxdrt.dll is most suspicious one).

Good Luck.
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karihaneyAuthor Commented:
Are there any known issues with Crystal Reports v 8 and Windows XP??? Has anyone researched the upcoming CR v 10 release???

I will award points shortly, I am working out the issues based on the above responses.

Thanks for your patience,

The first CR version that is supported on XP is 8.5. (see
CR 10 is supposed to work on XP too; or I did not get your question?

Good Luck.
karihaneyAuthor Commented:
Okay here is an update:

I have performed the following:
1.) Unreg and re-installed some patches, includes updates to dll's.
2.) Re-reg craxdrt.dll and crviewer.dll

Behaviors are still across the board and no consistency at all.  On my test environment, I can call the report without error, but I do have CR installed locally...On my prod environment I get the following:
Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 6.0.2800.1106, faulting module crviewer.dll, version, fault address 0x00039812.

I have inquiries out to microsoft and the experts here, so far no fix.

Let's keep trying,
Which object is currently throwing the error? Has it changed from craxdrt to crviewer?

If it's craxdrt:
- Can  you implement to find out which property or method is not supported by the object?
- Ensure that you have the right craxdrt.dll on the machine. Search the whole server for it, how often do you find it, in which folders, and what are the versions of the dlls?

if it's the viewer:
try using IE 5. IE 6 is not tested with cr 8

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