Build ADO Connection String Problem

When I try to create an ADO connection string by clicking on the "Build" button nothing happens.  I get no dialog box or anything.  Currently I am having coworkers build the connection string on their computers and then emailing it to me.  If I paste their string into the Connection String edit box it works fine.

Any ideas of why my Build button won't work?

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try this   //this is just un example..hope this help
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    STRConn,ServerName, UserName, Password, databasename : String;
    ServerName := InputBox('Input server name','Server Name','MyServer');
    UserName    :=  InputBox('Input User Name','User Name','sa');
    Password    :=  InputBox('Input Password','Password','myPassword');
    databasename :=  InputBox('Input Database','Database','myDatabase');

    STRConn :='Provider=SQLOLEDB.1; Password='+ Password+';Persist Security Info=True;User ID='+ Username +
              ' ; Initial Catalog='+ DataBaseName +';Data Source='+ServerName;
    With ADOMain do
    Connected := False;
    ConnectionString := STRConn;
    Connected := True;

    if connected then showmessage('the connection was succesfull');



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i was thinking..may be you are not in the same domain, or if your server have user may be you donthave permissions...try with the sa user...(if is SQL)
PetMimeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.  I'll give your code a try tomorrow.  

As far as me not being on the same domain or having permission goes, if that were the case would I be able to access the database when someone else creates the connection string for me?
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PetMimeAuthor Commented:
Thanks ThoseBug.  Your procedure worked great for creating a connection string.  I can use this to create my connection now instead of having a coworker do it.

Any idea, though, of why that button doesn't work?  It just seems strange...
sorry..i was bussy...if i can see your code behind your button may be try to explain why..

PetMimeAuthor Commented:
I think you misunderstood what I was asking...

The button I made (which you helped me with) works fine.  I was simply wondering why the "Build" button in the ADO Connection String Dialog box isn't working.  When I click it nothing happens.  I get no dialog box, no hourglass, nothing.  It's like I've clicked an inactive button.  I don't have any code bedind it since it's part of Delphi.  
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