Video conference over MSN Messenger behind a firewall

I have a router/firewall, which I can admin. I meahn, I can forward any port.
I'd like to set up a video conference using MSN Messenger 6. The problem is that it doesn't work, obiously.
Waht are the ports that I should forward in order to setup the video conference and file transfers and other stuff?
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"Here is a very helpful FAQ from SMC for the barricade, the port settings are specific to MSN Messenger and should work fine on all firewalls and routers, as best Messenger can, "MSN Messenger sends its IP address on the packet. It is a NAT-unfriendly application." (per SMC FAQ)"

"How do I configure the router to work with MSN Messenger?
Here is all the info we have on MSN Messenger:
MSN Messenger

NOTE: Shut off any personal firewall programs such as BlackIce, ZoneAlarm, etc.

Ports 6891-6900 enable File send,
Port 6901 is for voice communications

Allows Voice, PC to Phone, Messages, and Full File transfer capabilities.

IN TCP 6891 - 6900
IN TCP 1863
IN UDP 1863
IN UDP 5190
IN UDP 6901
IN TCP 6901

Try setting 6891,6900, and 6901 as triggers. Then set the public ports to 1863,5190-6901. If that does not work, set the incoming ports to 1-64535 (note: this opens a WIDE range of ports) and add in 5190 and 1863 as triggers. You can also try putting your machine in the DMZ (go into Misc. Items). Make sure that you have upgraded the firmware as well."¬e_id=207&site=c

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I wasn't aware that MSN messenger could do *video* conferencing.  Are you talking about some other Microsoft product, like NetMeeting?
If you check the router specs, a lot of modern ones support a feature known as uPNP, this means that MSN (and certain other apps), can selectively open the ports they require for the particular use they are being put to.  This works like a temporary port forwarding.  I have used it on a solwise router and it works quite well, with the added benefit that you can always check the router is working becuase it appears in network connections/
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Shineon, MSN Messenger 6 does do video conferencing, its basically the netmeeting code re-inserted into a different product.  They are not going to continue the netmeeting line.

MSN Messenger also supports uPnP which basically opens and closes random ports on the fly with a compatible firewall.  It works well and it a slight security risk.

The random port thing is annoying, but is part of the standard it supports.

If you want to avoid this 'feature', look at  Its pretty much the same idea, but uses static IPs so its easier to manage the ports in the firewall.

Also a tremendous resource for MSN messenger is the newsgroups.  Every answer to every question and highly targeted.  news:microsoft.public.msn.messenger.
Do anyone know what port is used by the Application Sharing?
Sorry, SquaRe48, but that sounds like a new question.  This one has already been answered...
Yeah, but that didn't stop you from answering me, did it? :P
What kind of router is it? if it Linksys you can go to their website and upgrade the router's firmware. The latest one v.1.45.7 allow UPnP automatically so you do not have to setup any ports.
Just go to and upgarde.
My point, SquaRe48, is that you aren't allowed, by the rules of E-E, to piggyback questions onto already-closed questions.  I didn't answer your question, did I?  I responded.
We don't know if he has an SMC router or a linksys. Linksys provides un upgrade that allows all these ports transparently as I mentioned in my previous comment.
Although I would not like to piggyback this question, are none of you concerned with this UPnP feature. The security concerns of any program randomly opening ports in the firewall/router does not seem very appealing to me. If MSN Messenger can do it, why shouldnt a piece of code (virus/trojan) be able to exploit this while the user is still thinking himself protected by a hardware firewall?
For reference, this link, although alarmist, could be useful:
Ive heard it called Plug and Pray.  Yes, its a security risk.  However, it is not the easiest thing in the world to take advantage of.  It is not available on most enterprise quality firewalls.

I think its a bad idea.  EyeballChat has 2 ports it uses.  Why does Microsoft insist on using random ports?  This whole issue would disappear if MS would pick some ports and stick with them.

So I agree it is a security concern, but if you want to use MSN video conferencing, you need it.
Kokoglen, that's very clear.
Enough for me to disable the whole UPnP thing on my and customers routers (as I've been doing in the past year since i've seen the option)
A quick google showed me there were other people (one of them a guy who worked on the protocol) concerned with security flaws.
I'll give EyeBallChat a go!
Okay, not to piggyback, but...anyone know where I can get any info using MSN video from behind a Cisco Pix firewall (which I manage)?

Foe videoconferencing u have to use H.323 service already defined on some firewalls(not sure about cisco pix).

If its not theer,,u can look at the above URL to get  an idea about what all ports it uses..

If u want a diteled discussion pls let me knowe.
I think netmeeting can do it. But you have some trouble with firewalls. Netmeeting is not using port 80 or http forwarding.

Scott Wiseman
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i too have some secuity issues with random port opening and i have a client that is just starting this and i want to steer them in the right direction
too9slow, you should start a new question.  Only those Experts that are still subscribed to this question will see that you need help.  A new question will get you lots of attention.

Feel free to include a link to this question in your question.  Tell us exactly what your client's issues are, and how they are set up.
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