Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, Checked/Debug...

I would like to install Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition onto my development Server. The closest installation disc that came with my MSDN subscription was called "Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, Checked/Debug". I'm not sure what this. Is it the full blown version minus a few features, and if so, which features are not included. Does it include full domain and networking support? I've been told that these "checked/debug" installs will not accept Service Pack updates.

If somebody could just fill me in on what this is exactly and any other important things to consider, it would be greatly appreciated...
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hi wgyger12, you may want to read the CD package to see what is inside (should tell you all the key features), or find its version number and search on the web to see a product description.

for your information:
a Checked/Debugged version of a software package is usually a product built released only to developers and testers. it might or might not have the full features of a system.

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wgyger12Author Commented:
I'd really like to have this installed on my home server to familiarize myself with it, but I'm afraid of what you mention in the second part of your comment, that I may or may not get the full features of the system. My home server also serves as the family PC, which is currently running Server 2000 Enterprise.

I read through most of the documentation provided with MSDN, but so far as I could tell, there is really nothing outlining the features and limitations of this particular version of 2003 server. I was hoping someone could let me know if installing for the above purposes would be a good idea or not.
According to MS:

Operating system is a checked (debugged) build.
Checked builds provide error checking, argument verification, and system debugging code. Additional code in a checked binary generates a kernel debugger error message and breaks into the debugger. This helps to immediately determine the cause and location of the error. Performance suffers in the checked build because of the additional code that must be executed. In general, checked builds should be used on test computers, not production computers.
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