Free License could not be obtained in the time allocated?

"Free License could not be obtained in the time allocated" is the error message I receive when trying to run one of my reports on a client's machine.

I am using CR9 Developer with Visual Basic 5.  I have 30+ reports that I distribute with the program and all but one of them works great.  The one that I get the error message on is the only one that contains subreports.  It is one report wit 4 sub reports in it.  When I click the button to start the reports generating it looks like it is working, but it takes a little whiel to generate all the data and part way through that error pops up on the screen.

Has anyone else run into this error?  Is there some setting when I can tell it to wait longer before timing out?  Am I missing some kind of licence info on the client's machine that would fix this?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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See: or

It appears that you may have an invalid license key.  The second article contains references to the proper steps to distribute a CR9 application.
Which dlls are you distributing with the application?

If you are using CRAXDDRT you may have inadvertently used a feature that requires additional licenses for that one report.

kkonkleAuthor Commented:
  Those articles appear to be for VB.NET, which I am not using.  I said above it is VB 5, but it is actually VB 6 SP5.  Some of the things they suggest in their solutions do not apply to my IDE.  I did a search on the Crystal Reports site and it seems all their article assume VB.NET.  So nice of them. :)

  I imported the VB project into WISE.  There are a large number of files it included.  I made sure it included CRAXDRT and CRVIEWER9, but not CRAXDDRT.  That one is for creating reports during runtime, correct?  All my program needs to do is show reports and then print them, or export them.  

The only difference with the one report that does not work is that it has sub-reports.  Do you think that would require additonal licenses?  Is there a particular license file you know of I could try including with my project?  I am not familiar with which CR files are the license files.

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I posted the links primarily because of their link to the distribution information and dependency information.  I knew you were not using
There are numerous articles and samples for VB 6.  Just need to know where t find them on the Crystal site.  There main emphasis right now is .Net and CR9 but the others are still there.

I don't know of any particular files you might be needing.

What database are you using?

Here is a sample using VB6

With subreports

Could it be that you are creating a new Application object for each subreport? This would then require 5 licenses for the craxdrt9, the standard install only has 3 licenses though and the license error would make sense. If that's the case then make sure you only create an application object for the main report
kkonkleAuthor Commented:
Great idea EwaldL!  I really thought you had it, but I've been playing with it all morning and that is not the case.  I create one application object, use it to open the main report, then loop through the main report assigning recordsets to the various subreports.  Once a recordset has been assigned to a subreport I call the ViewReport method of the CRviewer91 object for that subreport.  Once all the subreports have been taken care of I call the ViewReport method for the main report, at which time the entire, complete report should show up.

During my testing I slowly scaled down the report until it had only one subreport on it.  When I call this report on my test machine it starts to load but gives me the license error.  It then displays the CRviewer91 object with a blank copy of the subreport in it.  

When I had all 4 subreports in there it would seem like it was loading the first 3 or so and then it would give me the license error.  Once I clicked okay it would bring up the CRviewer91 window with a gray screen and another error would come up: "Not supported".

Does anyone have any other ideas?  Does anyone know any licensing files I might need?  And yes, I've looked at the examples above, and I've looked at the runtiome distribution list of files.

A tech at crystal reports suggested that I might need to use the merge modules.  I looked at the merge module named "license.msm", but it just contains a few dlls I am already including in the project.  I tried including the msm file in my project anyway, but I don't know that it executed, or whatever it does to do its thing.  Does anyone have experience with crystal reports merge modules in WISE 9.0?

I am not familiar with CR 9 but I don't think you need to call the viewer for all the subreports.  In previous versions of Crystal you simply viewed the main report which then opened the subreports.


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kkonkleAuthor Commented:
I finally got this working.  

I tried just cutting all my subreport code out, but then when I ran the report on a client machine it said it couldn't find the database.  So I put the code back in that would set the source of the subreport, but not the code that would read the records in and show the report. (The viewReport method of the CRviewer91 object)

Thank you mlmcc and EwaldL, you both got me pointed in the right direction.

Glad I could help

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