I want to configure windows 2000 server as microsoft outlook file server.

I would like to setup microsoft office 2003  in a computer with windows 2000 server so that I schedule and save appointnemt and set a local network messaging system I want to set it so that I can assing local network email measaging and to book oppointments wiht the other clients in my network there will 2 administrators and 3 power users  a total of 5 comupters 1 server and 4 client computers wha extra sofware do i need
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Microsoft Exchange
whmatosAuthor Commented:
what version is the best for 2000 server and will will let me build and smtp server
Exchange 2000. 2003 won't run on 2000 server. Exchange 2000 will include all the functionality that you need to collaborate using office/outlook.

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Exchange 2003 will absolutely run on WIndows 2000 Server.  Your information is false.  You should be sure of your answer before you make it.  Exchange 2000 will do what you need, but so will Exchange 2003.  You may have more issues with 2003 since it is fairly new.  But whmatos is incoorect in telling you that it wont run.

You can look at http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/sysreqs/2003.asp for details
whmatosAuthor Commented:
Hi there snowsurfer first of all I thank you for your concern but I think you got my name wrong I was the one that posted the question and i was confuse about how to set the software darth_wannabe was the one that replied the wrong answer which is now just adding more problems in my confusion so now what program should I really use 2003 or 2k please this is really important and I hope you can provide me an educated answer for what I can tell all the pevios info was not good.

help please.
Oh sorry about that, my comment was meant to point towards darth
To get more details.  DO you already have a server set up?  If not you may want to look into Small Business Server.  It comes with everything you need and for an office that small its a good way to go.  

Personally I wwould stick with Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000.  It sounds like this is a small office and they wont be able to deal with down time while you fiddle with 2003.  It is proving to be fairly stable, but I wouldnt risk it yet.  You can always purchase the software with software assurance and be eligible for Exchange and Windows 2003 later.  You also mentioned that you wanted a local messagin system, if you are talking about Instant messaging, that is no longer included with Exchange 2003 anyway.  They have bundled it into a different product that is not done yet anyway.   With outlook and exchange, you can create and share schedules, and assign permsissions as needed.

Hope that helps

You are quite correct. Exchange Server 2003 runs on either Windows 2000 Server SP3 or a Windows Server 2003 operating system.

I was confused as Exchange 2000 Server will run on Windows 2000 Server, but it cannot run on Windows Server 2003.
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Windows 2000

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