Building perl 5.8.1 on AIX 4.3.3 with ibmcxx

Hi, I want to build and install perl 5.8.1 on AIX 4.3.3 and I have ibmcxx for compiler. I've already done it one time without any optimization parameter and I'm looking to include some (architecture and optimize for exemple)

How could I build my ./configure to have the best build as I can. It should be stable because it would be on many server in prod.

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what is your compiler - visualage or xlc ??? is it working i.e. ever bought???
burgergoldAuthor Commented:
the compiler is "ibmcxx".

I've already suceed to compile it, but without any optimisation. I want to compile it again with optimisation for PowerPC and something like -o2 but I don't know how to build my configure command for that
CFLAGS="opt1 opt2 cpu1 cpu2" ./configure
(for default /bin/ksh)
compiler has manual page for sure, and there are lots of options. if you do not find them just ask.
do not build optimized (ok - one version for 604e, another for POWER and third for RS64II), striping and sticking modules sometimes give greater effect

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burgergoldAuthor Commented:
you suggest me to only use opt1 (-o2 for exemple) and no optimisation for the cpu? that's right?
and install bos.adt.samples to see if non-generic code does not use CPU emulator using emstat
./configure --help is your biggest friend when finding where to add what options
burgergoldAuthor Commented:
"and install bos.adt.samples to see if non-generic code does not use CPU emulator using emstat"

if it happens, do I have something different to do?
Yes - code for more generic cpu will run 100x faster on your exact CPU.
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