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vb vb linux

My problem is a technology based onel  I have grown up with Microsoft tools such as Visual Basic and ~Windows.  My problem is that now I have an algorithm for a program that I would like to make publicly available (including source code) that would be of great interest to the public but I don't know how to besr go about it.  I like the idea of open source (as no one is perfect) but I currently use Microsoft products such as VB.NET and SQL Server.  These products are exactly what I want except for the cost to the consumer.  Basically I want to be able to distribute my software for free along with a free database.  I understand that PostgreSQL is free, but what development environment can match up to the usability of VB.NET to create graphical interfaces under linux?

Any help appreciated.

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I am not familiar with any of these MS tools but for creating GUIs on linux, gtk and Qt are most popular. Qt has high portability and luckily both have graphical front ends available ( glade for gtk and Qt designer for Qt ) ... If you are using a recent distribution of linux, you probably have both on your system already so you can test them out. Otherwise, download gtk from your distro site and you can find Qt on www.trolltech.com
For a visual basic like programming environment have a look at phoenix:
and for an SQL server have a look at MySQL:
The easiest thing to do is to just make the existing source available at a site such as SourceForge, and then let people more familiar with UNIX worry about porting it.  That's part of the point of open source.

If you want something closer to SQL server I wouldn't suggest using MYSQL as the Transaction support is just getting there, and data replication isn't almost there....and PostgreSQL is alot closer to what you need.

But remember SQL-92 is a requirement set not necessarily a language definition. So SQL commands are not always directly portable.

Now if your using web based application and don't need all of that, then MySQL may be faster depending on your needs of a SQL server.

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