Deny Internet access in Terminal Server

Hello, I have a WIndows 2000 Terminal Server with 25 users, I need to deny some users to surf Internet, but other users need to surf, how can I do this without ISA server? Is it posible to do with group policies?

Thankyou QRT
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To reliably block Intenet access you really need a proxy server of some sort or router filter policies.  I'll also suggest a simplistic scheme that may stop the average TS user.

1. Proxy server.  Don't forget that there are alternative to ISA (a fine but somewhat complicated product).  Many are quite inexpensive and require a workstation-type box to run.

2. Router filter policies.  If you have access to router and users you want to block (or allow) are at specific computers, then you can create filter policies to enable or disable http traffic to/from these devices.

3. Here's a trick.  Create a group and add users who are allowed to surf Internet.  Locate iexplore.exe (usually found in Program Files\Internet Explorer).  Set the file permissions to permit read and execute access to ton the group you created; deny read and execute to everyone else.

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ack....can't seem to spell this am:

last sentence in 3 should read: Set the file permissions to permit read and execute access to only the group you created; deny read and execute to everyone else.
Create a group policy denying access to the IExplorer.exe. Place the users that are not allowed to access the web into this group and apply the policy to the group level. That is the easiest way to do it unless they need access to intranet sites.
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Be careful with group policies at the domain level...they may have a bigger impact than you intended.  My point #3 suggests applying permissions at the local machine at the NTFS level.  This method specifically denies access on that server.

Jagerhill's suggestion is perfectly correct (and some may say the "proper" way to do this).  However imho group policies can be tricky.
A sneaky little way I've found of doing this is to create a separate OU for the users that you don't want to have access.  I then configured their connection settings through a group policy that set their proxy server to IP address port 0.  Worked for me but YMMV.

Jon Lewis
nurho83, how cool...neat trick
I think that the experts did provide useful answers.
split the points
I found a better method.
if you want to block access to the internet explorer program then just navigate to the IExplorer Director and find the iexplorer.exe and then set the premissions to deny access.

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