Windows XP - Unexpected error; quitting

Hi everyone,

When I set up a Windows XP PC at my job, I set up the profile exactly how i want it, and once I am done I copy it over to the default profile.  We have a fair amount of pc hopping here.

Well, it so happens that when I do this, one of the programs stops working.
I doubleclick on it and it says "unexpected error; quitting".  Even with domain users in the administrator field, it doesn't help.  The only person who can run it is the username i installed everything under.  Even if i create an admin account local to the machine they cannot run it.
I have read stuff online and it seems pretty common but the companies are like here download this dll blah blah blah.  Do you have any suggestions? MOst of the stuff I am finding is really old, going back to IE 3.0 for god sakes!  help!! its really annoying me
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this is usually a problem with permissions in the registry
you need to find the key(s) that the program suses, and change the permissions
or, hold down the shift key, right click on the .exe file and choose run as and run it as the user that installed it
Have you checked with the software provider to see if there is a workaround for multi-user access from the same WinXP PC?

It almost sounds like a "quickie" port from a Win16 app that doesn't allow for multiple user profiles.  If you are finding stuff mentioning IE 3.0 when looking for a fix for this software, that adds to my suspicions.

Another thought is that instead of "default user" you should instead be moving this program's stuff to the "all users" profile.
May I ask what software it is?  
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bnktechAuthor Commented:
The software is banking software.

Now, i swear I have tried before copying a profile over to the "ALL USERS" before and it hosed everything and i read online that that can do harm.  i am afraid to do it again?  I have read to do it to the default user profile.
what gets me is that we set up 100 machines just like this and copying the profile was fine.

its ticking me off. i called the software vendor and they are not sure what is wrong.
ive tried the run as thing too to run it as me but that doesnt work either, it tells me the login is correct (like its trying to log in to the actual program and takes the user name and pswd I put in there)

this is so frustrating. i dont even know where to start with finding these registry things :(
If you do it to the default user profile, it won't show in any profiles already created, just on new users' profiles.  All users applies to all users, but default user is a template for creating new users.

Another option would be to establish roaming profiles stored on the server, that get loaded at login time.  I know that worked with NT4 and I think it worked with Win2K Pro, so it should work for XP, too.
bnktechAuthor Commented:
but using a roaming profile is going to take care of my basic problem here, of getting the message "unexpected error;quitting"?

even if i log in as the local admin, which had no profile ever copied to it i still cant run the stuff. its like only i who installed it under my name can do it.  

That depends on getting the app working, either under all users or default user; but remember that default user won't help an existing user.
found this elsewhere, but it may help
've run in to this problem when I was creating my own MSI files and didn't want to have to touch every machine. I ended up using the regini.exe command from the resource kit to modify the registry acl in a startup script. I used regmon from sysinternals to determine what parts I needed to modify the ACLS on but you may find the specifics on Either one will get you. This website lists how to use regini.exe to set registry ACLs.

You can get regmon here.

Let me know if this helps or you need more info.
I suggest a better way of setting up your PC's.
Once you have built a PC with XP from scratch and set it up how you want then simply
"Ghost" it on to a slave HDD or slave server.
You can then use this image and copy it to another PC from your slave "Ghostdrive" (HDD or server) to the primary Master on the next PC.
This saves all the hassle you get when copying profiles and allows duplicate PC's to be done in minutes rather than hours.
The other advantage is that everything will be working fine (banking programs, word, excel, outlook etc).
If you have "hundreds" of the same type of PC to rollout then this is by far the best way.

bnktechAuthor Commented:
Actually I did ghost the PCs which did take a matter of minutes...
But here at the bank we have to use static IPs and a few of the banking programs need certain stuff written in ini files for them to work.  So once I ghost them i go in quick and make the changes, and then I am done.
The "ghost" image I made was what i configured under the installer profile and then copied to the default.

And on the computer that does not work with that one program under any profiles othert than my own, she is the only one that uses this program besides someone here on win98 that it of course works fine on.  Like i said it works fine under my name since that's where i installed it but once i copy over the default profile with it, anyone else who logs in and tries has no luck. even the adminstrator local account on the machine can't run it and i didnt touch that profile.
It could have created an ini-type file in the program directory that stores config info based on user ID.  WordPerfect 8 used to do that, and so did Worldox.  The user profile for the program may be in an entirely different folder than the documents and settings; it may not even be in the program files folder, and could even by under the windows root folder.

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Ok try this then,
After a clean Rebuild/Ghost. Hopefully you are using XP Pro.

Log on as your administrator.
Setup the configuration details, (BankAdmin) profile etc, banking config etc,
Create a temp new user (eg: tempadmin) in user accounts.
Create a profile of the person who is using the PC (eg: Bankstaff)
Log on as (Bankstaff), then log off.

Log on as the tempadmin.
Under Windows Explorer make sure Show all files is on.
Copy all the profile files under C:\Documents and Settings\BankAdmin to "Bankstaff"
Log on as bankstaff and you will have the identical profile of BankAdmin.

You can't copy any profile fully while logged on as that profile, hence the need to create a temp one so you can do the copying as indicated above.


I installed Visual Studio 6.0 on my machine. when i tried to launch the visual Interdev it throwed me an error "unexpected error; quitting". but when i tried to launch visual basic it is launched. I tried with re-installing the s/w again. I faced the same problem.could any one provide me a solution as this is really annoying.
Even though that's the same error message, it sounds like a completely different situation.  You should open your own Question.  You could post it in this TA since it seems to be an installation issue, but it wouldn't hurt to post a pointer in the Visual Interdev TA.  has pointers on asking questions.  

Posting your own question will get it noticed by a lot more Experts than those few that posted comments to this closed question, so you will get more and better advice sooner.  Additionally, it's kinda frowned upon to "piggyback" a question on someone else's question.  Extending a closed question with more info is OK, but this is really a new situation, so you should open your own for that reason as well.
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