Powerswitch connection problem

Well I actually have 2 questions. 1st: I connected a 2nd harddrive and accidently had it set to master when I turned it on so it could not find the boot info so I turned it off and unpluged it but now I have no power.So I thought I maybe bumped the connections for the power button on the motherboard so I unpluged them before writing down there placement (stupid move). So I pulled out the motherboard manual to see how they pluged in but that did not work. I am not sure if I have them in correctly because the manual has a different discription of the plugs then what I have. The plugs are as follows:Orange & White plug =Power SW ,Blue & White =Reset SW,Green &White=Power LED,Red & White=HDD LED,and Black & Red= Speaker. I have a Gigabyte GA-7IXEH motherboard. The first time I hooked it up It did actually come on but kept on beeping and I got know boot up info on the screen. The 2nd question is during this same process my floppy drive light stays on but I never disconnected that so I know I don't have the plug in backwards. Well thats my delima please help me
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Try this:
Disconnect all IDE and the floppy cable from MB. Plug in panel cables (Pwr Sw, HDD Led etc) according to MB
manual. See if you get at least a proper power-on. If OK, proceed by hooking up one thing at a time, beginning
with the Floppy cable. If that first step kills it, you need to take a look at the connectors for the FDD, looking
for proper pin1 alignment, connectors properly seated etc.

Do check video card etc still properly in their slots.

CH1Author Commented:
Well it comes on but I still don't see anything on the monitor and the speaker is beeping along with the floppy light is on
CH1Author Commented:
I disconnected the floppy and it beeps real fast
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CH1Author Commented:
OK I disconnected the floppy and reconnected. Disconnected it beeps fast conected its a slow beep. It started to boot to a screen with 4 choices safe mode, safe mode with network support, last known config, and normal. All choices just makes it restart to a black screen and still beeping. I tried a new floppy with a different power plug but it still does the same thing.
You need to take one step at a time. Can you, by leaving hardware disconnected, get to a proper POST screen (like when it shows how much memory there is, and it ends up with a "Operating system not found" or somehting like that)? When you get that screen, you should power off and re-connect the floppy etc, one thing at a time. Keep a floppy in the drive to avoid booting into windows. If you cannot get to  that kind of screen, you may have to reset your CMOS to get things working properly again.
CH1Author Commented:
No, hardrive and floppy along with everything else is disconnected except of course the video card. It beeps real fast
CH1Author Commented:
How do I reset the cmos if I can't get to the setup screen? Also is it possible the Mobo has gone bad?
CH1Author Commented:
Sorry sometimes I get ahead of myself. I reseated the videocard and got a screen and the cmos. I made it so the hardrive would be the first boot device but it would not boot into the OS. Also it beeps real fast again.
CH1Author Commented:
Oh I am also running XP if that matters
CH1Author Commented:
Ok I have to go but I will be back. Iwas able to boot it into safe mode with camand prompt but I didn't know what to do next so I restarted and it just reboots over and over again. The hardrive is set to boot from it first but maybe when I put the second hardive on it corrupted the MBR so now it can't find the boot info. I don't know just a guess. It actually gets to the point where it shows the Windows XP logo and then reboots.
CH1Author Commented:
Ok I am back. I turned the computer on and booted again in safemode with cmd prompt. The first thing that pops up after it loads what I guess are drivers is an error message. In the heading it says Isass.exe-System error, then next to the big red X it says The endpoint format is invalid.
It does this and still beeps?
Anyway, this sounds like a corrupted operating system to me. You may have to reformat and reinstall.

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It a bad move on connecting the wrong way.
It may kill u hardware.
Try to check if any ic's or chip that was burn before u continue using the board.
The power connection for hdd or cdrom are the red cable will face in side.
A search on the error message reveals that others have encountered this problem as well: look at the bottom of this page for a possible solution http://www.techimo.com/forum/tid37455/pp20/pn5/index.html
CH1Author Commented:
Thankyou for your help I actually got it to work. I had wired it wrong
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