I have a UBS 2.0 IDE device, which I am connecting to USB 1.1 port/hub.  Windows XP as well as Windows 98 indicate that an Hispeed USB device is connected to USB 1.1 port and ask for appropriate Hi-Speed controller. Softwares/Drivers supplied by the USB 2.0 Device manufacturer do not work.  Advise me what should I do to make this device working with the existing USB 1.1 port/hub.
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Are you saying that your USB 2.0 Device won't work? Your problem may be your motherboard doesn't support USB 2.0
Just do this.First install all the driver that your manfact provided then restart your system.Connect your usb device to your computer now.Just ignore all error messages that you get. Now open device manager (from control panel). Find your usb device in the device manager and right clik on it with your mouse. You will get a new property window. Under this windows click on update drivers for this device. That should do it.
What is this USB 2.0 device?  Have you ascertained that it will work on USB 1.1?  Some USB 2.0 items are not backward compatible and must be connected to a 2.0 controller.  Since you are posting this in the Win XP section, I will assume your system is rather new, and if so, purchase a USB 2.0 card for installation in an available PCI slot.
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seeyem2000Author Commented:
My PC is a P-3 - SiS 630 chipset based m/b by ECS.  USB 2.0 device is an USB external storage casing, in which 40 GB seagate HDD is used.  I have tried updating drivers as suggested by Mr B_vishwajit... it once listed the drive with a rider that HIspeed Device connected to non-Hi-speed port and will run at lower speed.  But I could not access the files therein.  Then I have received a flash "delayed write error".   The device driver indicates error code 10 and advises to uninstall the driver and reinstall.  I have gone thro them...again back to square `A'.
Again: Your problem may be your motherboard doesn't support USB 2.0
You need to purchase a SEPARATE USB 2.0 card.  Your motherboard USB 1.1 cannot be made to run USB 2.0.  The purchase price for a 2.0 USB PCI card is getneraly under $20 and will include the necessary drivers.  Gemarti should get the points!!

This Motherboard/Chipset does not support USB 2.0.  The onboard USB ports will ONLY run USB 1.1.  Your only choice is to purchase a USB 2.0 PCI card to add to your computer.

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