Using a pix 501 6.3.3 setup vpn using wizard and cisco client 4.0.2 (D) worked great (thanks to lrmoore) but it has stopped working. now I get a message that says "can't connect to security gateway".  This is probably not difficult for someone who knows cisco but I need an answer ASAP. I am trying to connect over a dailup (using the client) to the pix (using a cable modem).
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You are getting your IP address from DHCP on your PIX. Perhaps it has a new IP address, and you need to change your client accordingly?
Get on the pix and do a "show interface" to see the IP address of the outisde interface
Else maybe the cable connection is down..
Can you ping it?

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Have you checked the expiration date on the Certificates tab in the Validity field?
Can you ping the workstation from the pix?
ping outside x.x.x.x
If the pix is on a cable modem, do you have a static IP? If not has your address changed?
throcktoAuthor Commented:
I feel like a dumb*ss, I had to recreate the dialup connection on my laptop and windows XP turned on the internet connection firewall by default, thats why it wouldn't connect
throcktoAuthor Commented:
I'm going to split the points between both of you for attempting to help so promptly, sorry for wasting your time
aha - always check the last thing you did

been there - done that - got the t-shirt

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