video game problem. I cant get charector to move.!

I cant seem to get a charector on my game to move forward or backwards but I got it to be able to jump.

here is the source code. could anybody help get it to work?
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Could you point me to the code where you are trying to get the character to move?
This fla is huge and there's quite a lot of code and I don't want to go through it all.

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virtexAuthor Commented:
alllow me to explain. I was browsing thru my archives that I had and found a .swf that was created ages ago. I decided to give it to a friend who said that they could reverse it so to speak and give me back the source code. I then took it and noticed that my charector doesnt walk right or left. just up and down.. Its been ages and I doubt I can find the original source code anywhere but believe that it might just be a few tweaks of code imho.  I noticed that the computer can walk lef tand right without a problem. since this was the case I figured it has to do with the actionscript.

enclosed below is the ctionscript areas where the code is used to control hte player and the computer.
Please look over it and see if you can find anything possibly wrong with it.

Thanks alot.

btw. I will raise it each day to its max til it is as high as I can get it. Thanks alot!!!
I suspect that you are trying to use the file in Flash MX 2004 where you wrote it originally in an older version of flash. The problem I found there is that in your code you check for:


Flash MX 2004 is case sensitive so what you have to change is all the times that key (with small k) appears and change it to Key  (captial K). Changing that I was able to move back and forth.
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virtexAuthor Commented:
thnx alot and yea you are right I am doing it in 2004. I keep forgetting that and wish O remembered that. I am usd to the old syntex and not this new one.
It takes a bit of getting used to but if you come from another programming language like java (where I come from) the new syntax is a lot nicer than the old one.
virtexAuthor Commented:
Well this is the thing. I am used to the old flash and not the new one. I do alot of programming in delphi/pascal and am used to its syntex more than anything(each first letter == Cap normally) and this is kinda confusing to me. Like with GotoandStop(now its gotoAndStop) small things like that throw me off.

thanks alot for yourhelp!
virtexAuthor Commented:
hey there cal. how many points would it take for you to go thru all my old scripts and find the flaws that are now present..... please let me know as I have about 10 other ones and I would really appreciate it.
Well, before you do anything else I would start by compiling a list of the words that are now written in different caps and just globally replace them with the correct syntax.

Though if you are not planning on changing your old fla's you can also publish them in old versions. In the publish settings you can tell flash to use Flash 5 settings. Then you should be able to publish your fla's with them still working eveen if you did not use the correct case in writing.

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