Check NTFS from BSD for consistency and repair

A few days ago my WinXP-pro system refused to boot correctly giving an error saying "autocheck" utility not found i cant boot into console mode neither .. all this happend after playing with PartitionMagic *cough*

now i've been able to live cuz of my FreeBSD (5.1) system wich is on the same hdd just diferent partition, i'm able to mount the xp (ntfs) partition and browse trought it but my question is:

How can i check my WinXP (ntfs) partition from my current FreeBSD (5.1) system for consistency and most likely repair it?

fsck_msdosfs of course wont work :(

so, could you HELP me ?

Thanks in advance :D      
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pop in your winxp cd and boot from it... I think there it gives you option for recover/repair along with install

Let us know if that worked... if it didn't then we would try to locate some tools or other options
Dante77Author Commented:
Both you comments are very very good and a good way to fix my problem maybe ill end doing it ... but ... there is always a but eh?

i want to expand and explore on my posibilities and if you want to help me find a way to fix this from FBSD i'll be more than happy to accept your answer, tell you what if its just not posible and noone else comes with a better answer than yours (hardly) i'll go with you first comment =)

what do you say do you want to take the challenge?

how to check and fix consistency for a XP partition from FBSD
how to disable the xp autocheck mounting the partition from my BSD.
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disabling autocheck is possible (from recovery console) by editing registry

but from BSD partition is a bit tricky... I dont know how safe would it be to edit registry from BSD partition ... First check if your BSD has R/W support for NTFS ... I recall some *nix having only read support for NTFS
Dante77Author Commented:
it does have R/W very limimited though


     There is limited writing ability.  Limitations: file must be nonresident
     and must not contain any sparces (uninitialized areas); compressed     files  are also not supported.


thats from the FBSD man pages  regarding on mount_ntfs

also we can take a look at this other part


     NTFS file attributes are accessed in following way:


     `ATTRTYPE' is one of the identifiers listed in $AttrDef file of volume.
     Default is $DATA.  `ATTRNAME' is an attribute name.  Default is none.


I have little idea of registry file format and would not like to give you an incompetent advise ... sorry dead end from my side :o(
Dante77Author Commented:
id like to read it just be sure to put a headear on your comment so other people wont use it

*/ extremely experimental it can melt your cpu /*

i'll use it under my own risk :)

perhaps you misunderstood my comment... What I meant to say was that I am not very familar with registry file formats and hence am not in a position to give competent advise

The obvious way would be to mount the NTFS partition and modify the registry files as indicated at the link

the only difference is that instead of using regedit you would be manipulating the file manually ... and clearly this requires good idea of the file format which unfortunately I do not have

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Dante77Author Commented:
Thats ok, your answers are excellent
Thanks :D i'll let you know how this ends
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