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I have a old Windows 98 machine that I am in the middle of upgrading. It originally had Win 95 on, so I installed 98 over it, but I recently had to install Win 98 on top of itself because I was having some stability troubles.
This did not work, but when I was using setup it mentioned something about creating a virtual drive at the time, I just let it do it. However, when I next started up normally, I found that I had a normal A drive as well as an additional 5 1/2" B drive. After changing a registry key I changed it to a normal 3 1/2" drive, but also noticed that the B drive only worked to access floppys, not the A drive (which instead came up wit a error stating the device cannot be found). It is still very unstable, so I tried starting from a EBD hoping to re-formatt it and do a clean install, which can often work better. However, it will not boot from floppy. It has done previously (with the same disk), and I think the virtual drive could be affecting it somehow. The POST screen only lists the A drive as having anything attached. Also, before everytone starts suggesting it, I cannot start from CD for somereason, and this is no use as I want to re-format the drive anyway, which is simple enough to do from a floppy. . . . How can I return control to the A drive and delete the B drive in order to start from disk reformat the C drive, and do a clean install 98?

Any ideas appreciated,
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check the bios to make sure they are listed correctly in there
However, it will not boot from floppy
more indication the bios is not set correctly
booting from a floppy is independant of any OS, and is a bios issue
choose the boot devices in the bios, make sure it's set to a: first
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mark_667Author Commented:
The A drive is already set first in BIOS and drives are listed correctly there. Would it be  a good idea to try a additional floppy drive?
mark_667Author Commented:
The reason it coulden't boot from a floppy was because of an error in the config.sys file that Windows is using. i.e. there is not a single line of code in it. I copied and pasted one I found in the directory C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD this worked in that I can now boot from a floppy.
      As for the virtual drive, if I went to the System control panel and clicked the performance tab, I get a message 'A drive is using DOS compatibility mode file system' according to the help file this is usually related to a driver listed the config.sys file - sound familiar? I looked at the file and it looked OK to me, I've seen (and sucessfully edited) similar files on Boot floppy disks.
Hmmmm, w98 doesn't need a config.sys, and config.sys (if called during boot) will be cllled from c: and not load if booting from a floppy
unless you mean the one on the floppy was in error
dos compatablity
post the contents of the c:\config.sys
although you can go to start-->run and type msconfig
uncheck process config.sys (from the general tab)
reboot and check

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mark_667Author Commented:
I found that if I attached the floppy drive to the end connector on the drive ribbon instead of the first (�there are two) I can now boot from a floppy (d'oh!). I could already read from the drive normally in Windows, as mentioned above, and BIOS read it fine, but not boot. I had recently disconnected it temporarily inorder to get at the HD connection below it (don't ask why), which the ribbon was in the way of. If anything I thought it wouldn't have made a difference.
      As for the virtual drive, if found that if I went to the System control panel and clicked the performance tab, I got the message 'A drive is using DOS compatibility mode file system' according to the help file this is usually related to a driver listed in the config.sys file. I still don't know how to get around this virtual drive thing, but that doesn't matter now as I wanted to do a clean install anyway to sort out some major stability bugs.
thanks anyway,
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mark_667Author Commented:
Sorry CleanupPing, I have been meaning to review these. I'm still not entirely sure how the points system works anyway. Oh well, thanks stevenlewis :)
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