xml contails & and single quotes

Hi ,
I am using jaxp to create my xml. I am fetching the values from database and mydata has & and ' ' . How can i allow special characters?
Do i have to specify something in my DTD for ignoring this kind of data.
Please help.
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When there's a chance you'll output characters which have special meaning then enclose the output data in a <!CDATA[ ] ]> block then anything within this block is ingored in terms of parsing the XML

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You can indeed use the CDDATA block, but that's not such a nice solution ...

In XML, there are indeed some special characters you can't use ...

But, just like HTML, XHTML and XML provides built-in entities for representing markup characters inside of markup without disrupting parsing:

So, do a replace of all these characters ...

[&amp;] => Ampersand (&)
[&lt;] => Less Than (<)
[&gt;] => Greater Than (>)
[&apos;] => Apostrophe (')
[&quot;] => Quote (")
I'm intrigued - why is CDATA not such a nice solution ?

If you're reading data out of a database you'd have to convert the "special characters" to the &X; equivalent's each time you create the XML output or store the data within the database in this format. Whilst enclosing the output from the db into a CDATA block requires no processing.
Let's say it's more personnal, but I prefer to minimize the use of CDATA.

But, you're absolutely right when building big XML-files with data from a DB, you can indeed better use CDATA.

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