I'm going crazy!!! HELP!!! URGENT!!!

I`ve installed win98 in my computer and I have this problems:

1. When I change the resolution of the monitor and restart the computer, the old resolution remains.

2. Windows doesn't recognize my cd-rw drive. I have a cd-rom drive with the letter E unit that works well but my cd-rw drive has the seme letter(E) but doesn't work.

I hope you understand the problems but if you have any question please tell me.:)

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gothic130Author Commented:
:( I don`t understand a word :(  What does the registry files have to do with my problems and...   what are the registry files!!! :(
registry files are the basic for your OS operation. If you repair and recover it to a previous working state , it will work

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I have a cd-rom drive with the letter E unit that works well but my cd-rw drive has the seme letter(E) but doesn't work
this can't be, or they won't work
change the drive letter of one of them
right click on my computer, choose properties, device manager, expand the cd drives, click on one of them choose properties, and assign the drive letter (one different than E:)
as far as the monitor res, get the correct drivers for your adapter
Did you install the cd drives yourself? are they on the same IDE channel, and are they set correctly (master/slave)
gothic130Author Commented:
>>change the drive letter of one of them

I can't change the letter because there are no other letters than the E.

on the settings tab, the drop down boxes should list all the way to z
gothic130Author Commented:
There are no letters than the E. What can I do?
check your config.sys for a line
if there make it

you don't have tweakui on this do you?
gothic130Author Commented:
Where can I see the config.sys? in DOS?
it's in the root of c:
open in notepad
gothic130Author Commented:
It's on lastdrive=z and nothing :(

go into the display properties again, now click advanced and tick the box that says " Apply new settings without restarting" now play with the settings.

gothic130Author Commented:
I'm working with the registry files and corrected one (there are 4 files wrong, is that normal?) but when I restart my computer and go back to the registry files they are wrong again!!!   What the $&%$%$ is happening???
Please help meeee!!!
I am assuming this is a new install and so the first question is, Did you install the correct drivers for the video card? if not then Windows will be using generic drivers and will not let you change the resolution or # of colors.

As to the CD-Rom, did you check the master/slave status fo the drives? are they both on same IDE cable?
gothic130Author Commented:
The video drivers are right and are not generic.

>>As to the CD-Rom, did you check the master/slave status fo the drives? are they both on same IDE cable?

Could you explain me how the drives must be placed and what does the configuration has to say. thanks.
"Could you explain me how the drives must be placed and what does the configuration has to say. thanks."

One drive must be set as master (perferably the CDRW) and the other one as slave if both are on the same IDE cable. Of course you may be able to set them to "CS" (Cable Select) and this should also work on most systems. Master/Slave is the perfered way.

As to the video card and drivers, is the correct video card shown in Device Manager?

Something you can check, there is a setting where you can choose to force the computer to 640 X 480 at 16 colors, go to Start, then Run, type MSCONFIG and hit enter, now click on the "advanced" button and see if there is a check in that option, if so uncheck it.
gothic130Author Commented:
Well, the problem with my cd-rw is fixed. Thanks.

But, with the resolution problem nothing works. Don't you think the problem is in my registry files because I have 4 of five that says "NO STARTED". I've done everithing you asked even what the microsoft support page says and nothing works. :(    What can I do?
Did you check for a new or updated driver for the video card?
make sure to remove the old driver if possible before installing the new  one.
gothic130Author Commented:
I've done ALL you told me!! :(
Well I hate to be so blunt, but if you would provide us with some useful feedback besides just stating "it didn't work" then maybe we could help. You must remember we are not at your computer, so we have to rely on the feedback you provide us.

What if any error messages do you get?  word for word exact message.
what are the registry errors??

we are not mind readers here
Why did you make a new install of Win98?? was there underlying problems with the old install?
How about some "detailed" system specs?

See my point??
You have given us very little to go with and yet you expect us to simpy "know" what your problem is.
get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gothic130Author Commented:
O.K. My computer has a pentium III 600 MHZ, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HD with two partitons C: 2GB FAT32 and 18GB FAT32, a cd-rom drive (E:), a cd-rw drive (F:), floppy disk, Windows 98.

I use to have Windows ME and one partition C: but my computer has so many errors that I had to reboot my HD and the only windows I could get was 98.

This are my problems now: -The color configuration when I start my computer is true color(32 bits) 640x480 so I change it to 800x600 and it works well but when I restart the 640x480 remains.

-When I turn on my computer it hangs and doesn't work at all, thsi happens just the first time I turn it on.

-Every program I have (Norton, AOL, kazza) every time get more and more errors (The program did an invalid action and will turn off).

-Sometimes it is very slow. I made a RAM test and told me it was ok.

>>what are the registry errors??

I used scanreg/restore (as microsoft support page tells(sunray_2003 given direction)) and, as you know, the registry files have to say STARTED next to the date, but my 4 of 5 registry files have NOT STARTED so I restore them
but when look again they are again NOT STARTED.

The drivers of my video card are the newest. And my configuration is the same I use to have before reboot.

What am I missing rayt333?

Lets look at what is loading at boot, go to Start, then RUN, type MSCONFIG and hit OK, now click on the startup tab and note all with a check in front of them. As a test remove the check from all of them and reboot and see if it runs any better. Also after the reboot go into MSCONFIG and see if any of the "checkmarks" has reappeared, sometimes a spyware or virus program will recheck itself to load at boot.

Do you have the latest virus definitions and ran it to be sure the computer is clean?
Also download and run spyware detection software, such as "Ad-aware"

did you load the chipset drivers for your mobo?
gothic130Author Commented:
Well ray_333 I have Norton 2003 with the latests virus definitions, I scanned my computer and nothing appeared.
I did run MSCONFIG and after the reboot just one appeared checked again, What do I do? delete it ?
I also ran Ad-aware and have a lot of files in quarentinne.

What's next??? :)
What is the one that is rechecked?
gothic130Author Commented:
It`s called P2P peer to peer
Are you using Kazaa?
Do you have the right drivers for your monitor??? Or did windows detect it properly/correctly?
I had this problem last week, Win98 didn't install the right monitor, so i couldn't change the resolution.

***How to fix if you have the wrong monitor*** (the half-assed gonzaria method)(!!??)
1) boot into safe mode (press F8 while your pc is booting, if you get to the windows loading screen, its too late, restart)
2) right click My Computer, go to the Device Manager tab, go to the monitor section (NOT display adapter)
3) click on the plus sign so you can see your monitor type
4) right click on the monitor type and choose disable (it will say are you sure or something like that)

when you restart, windows will detect your monitor. if it installs a "default" monitor...thats where your trouble is.it should install one with the model number of your monitor (which is usually written on the back of the monitor.)

if this doesnt work, do those steps again, but at 5 shutdown and connect another monitor if you have one, see if it detects that one, then shut down, and reconnect your original monitior again to see if its detected.

if it still doesnt work, use a friends internet to find drivers for your monitor, and then follow steps 2&3, but go Properties, Drivers, Update Driver(or install driver) install the driver you found. problem should be solvered.

(see, i said it was half-assed!! but this was the only way i got my monitor to be detected....crazy.)

hope that all made sense....

it might be worth your while getting your hands on a copy of Spybot: Search & Destroy... i think it does a more thorough job of finding spyware etc.
Are you running the regular Kazaa? If so,  ***UNINSTALL IT***and download Kazaa Lite instead, its exactly the same program MINUS the problematic spyware.

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gothic130Author Commented:
Well guys, I appreciate all your answers but everytime I turn on my computer something is worse (i.e. my Norton was deleted and when I try to reinstall it it fails, when I try to copy a file from one carpet to another It tooks a lot and sometimes it stops or copies the file without some parts) so I'm going to reboot my HDD and install windows ME.

So I thanks you all.

I'll open another question (if you want to take a look and win other points) to ask for the exactly steps to reboot my HDD and to install winME.

See you.
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