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We asked this question once before, but it's become a bit more important of late.  Hope you can help.  We have a stack of rules, truly a legion.  Going through the rules entering process is time consuming.  When we opened the .RWZ file directly it looks garbled.  At the conclusion of our last question related to this topic it was determined that the rules file is written in ?hexidecimal? .  Is there any way to edit such a file in plain English and then return it to its native format.  It would be a TREMENDOUS help.

Many thanks,

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Hi yunkaa,

If your problem is maintaining a lot of rules across many machines, the perhaps you should consider programming them in VBA. This would mean some extra work in setting them up initially, but it makes it easy to deploy.

Loog at:


to see how it's done (not terribly hard..;-)

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yunkaaAuthor Commented:
Hello Sven,

Thanks for your reply.  We'll give that a go.  But, isn't there any way to edit the existing rules directly?

Best wishes,


Im sure there is, but to my knowledge MicroSoft hasn't released a tool to do so ;-)

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