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Posted on 2003-11-09
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
I have a Dell laptop with a S-Video out connection. I connected it to a TV monitor. Everything works fine except when I try to use windows Media player in computer, the TV monitor only shows the Windows Media Player's frame, but not the contents (movie). The movie shows correctly on the computer screen. On TV screen however, there is only black in the Windows Media Player's Frame. I have also tried other players, such as DivX Player, which yields the same results. Anyone know what is the problem?
Question by:oatnusigma
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the problem is that windows is only able to stream one instance on full screen video stimutaniously.  To correct this and get video working on your TV you need to enter the setup properties for the video card shipped with your laptop.  Commonly this is found within the settings tab of destop properties.

......Right click on desktop on properties the settings tab on advanced.
......It should then display the detailed configuration options for the video within your laptop
......within this section should be a display tab
......from there select your TV as your primary monitor and your LCD and secondarry
......this will ensure that the video is now streamed to your tv as oposed to you LCD.

I hope this helps

Matt Jackson

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The problem is that the DVD is copy protected and will not show on the TV out. This is by design so that you can not copy the DVD to VHS or other media.

Are you going to the TV directly or to a recorder?

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ID: 9712032
Not exactly as others expressed, Oatnusigma. This is problem due to resolution. Try reducing the screen resolution and make sure you have the latest video drivers and DirectX.

Hope it helps ;)
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ID: 9712050
The above problem does not have anything to do with resolution nor does it involve DVD copy proteection.  I have had this problem before and i gaurntee that if you follow the steps above you will be up and running in no time.  DVD copy protection is not that smart i am sure that if you try to run a AVI video instead of the DVD you receive the same problem.

Good luck

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ID: 9712196
Well, let me take a shot at this!!!  Your computer video card will NOT put DVD's out to the video out connector.  This is a common trait of many video cards, and it prevents you from playing a DVD and sending it to a another source, which could be a VCR to copy.  If you research Video cards that have video out connectors, you will find that some specifically state that they will not transfer DVD's and others state that they will.  Originally this was an attempt by the Video card makers to please the movie moguls.  I doubt that you will be able to send your video to your TV monitor.  If you contact Dell support, they will verify this.
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ID: 9712378
For laptops, the primary mechanism for stopping DVD movie piracy
over the S-Video port is to encode the out-going video signal using
Macrovision. Under Windows, the video driver architecture provides a
standard mechanism that allows DVD playback apps to tell the video

You can use one of the many DVD utilities to convert the content...

or check out the offerings at 

If you have this issue with AVI's and MPEG's, let us know and we'll
troubleshoot that issue.

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ID: 9712588

What u mean by TV monitors??
Is it just a normal ntsc or pal tv or a CRT or LCD.
Why dont u try to used it on a normal CRT or LCD using it VGA cable.
Like this is more easy for u to test on the notebook.
For tv's, normaly u wont get the best result out of it.
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ID: 9714486
If you can't play any content or just want to tune up your S-VIDEO settings, try

Accepted Solution

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ID: 9742754

To play a media file on your TV make the TV the PRIMARY and the Monitor the secondary.

To play a media file on your TV AND your Monitor keep the monitor as PRIMARY and the TV as secondary then, for ATI cards, (for nvVidia cards I think its in nView) go into the OVERLAY tab and select the CLONE MODE OPTIONS. From here select THEATRE MODE and apply. This will force a hardware derived OVERLAY to show a picture on the TV and use the standard OVERLAY for the pc and monitor.

Seems to me that DVD 'protection' for a pc, is no more than the non-ability of the OS to create an overlay of different resolutions.

The gfx card automaticaly converts the TV out to your selected format (PAL, ot the stupid US one) REGARLESS of the monitors resolution.

If anyone tells you otherwise then they are talking out of their a... backsides as macrovision will STILL be ported down the s-video (or rca) cable to the TV. Its just that TV's are dumb and don't look for macrovision whilst VCR's and DVDR's (standalones) do (to stop piracy). So always try and connect the pc direct to the TV and not thru' a VCR etc.

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ID: 10250248
At present you are using clone(I guess) for your multi display set up(exact clone of the monitor is supposed to be in tne TV).Change the setting to horizontal span and try sending the activemovie window to the TV(when you see movie in windows media player (full screen) there are actually two windows,active movie window and the windows mediaplayer window itself).Go to the display properties and change the setting to horizontal span)  

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ID: 10260065
Go to the display properties –advanced, and in the advanced window look for your graphics card name (For example if your card is Geforce2 Go, there should be a tab of GeForce2 Go. IF your graphic card name is not there you have to install the graphic card driver software).Now, click that tab and look for Full screen device and overlay in the window. IF there is a full screen device option there you have to select the “secondary display” as full screen device. And be sure video overlay is enabled.


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ID: 10310289
i had this problem when i was using my sony vaio to a projector it only showed the interface and not the video, my laptop has a funtcion which has lcd/tv fucntion it has a logo which has lcd then a forward slash and then a tv logo all i did was press this function on my laptop and it came up....Dont know if this will help but it worked on mine and i was using clone dvd's so its nothing to do with that.

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I know the exact answer =)...You must go into your windows media player options. Find the hardware acceleration and turn it off. You can research why but its not too interesting. Just turn off the acceleration and it will work. I tried looking around for another player that is able to turn off the hardware accerleration but it was hard to find.

Windows Media player - > Tools - > Options - >Performance - > Video Acceleration

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ID: 10419154
I found that the display would not transfer over to a second monitor unless I turned down My hardware acceleration....after that I was able to view anything I wanted any way I wanted on the second monitor(television)

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I had this type of problem trying to send divx or dvd video out to the TV through my svideo out an an ATI 7500 graphics card on an Ibm A31p Laptop. It all boiled down to settings and using the video card to display to the tv only. Trying to get the picture to play on the crt and the tv at the same time was not possible. I right clicked on my moniter and went into properties of the video settings and was able to get success by setting the display on the TV as primary. As I recall, I took some restore snapshots before beginning to fiddle around in case i screwed up the settings. Then with a little help from IBM I went at it and was successful. Now I use thinkpad configuration, Ibm's easy interface to making configuration changes and I can get my video to play to the tv.

Give it a try and if you need more help I can look up more exactly how its done for you.


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