perl rpm: around and around we go...

Sudo-newbie to linux with a sudo-dumb question

I installed RH9 and (duh) forgot to check-off perl.  So I mount the cdrom and locate the perl 5.8 rpm on the cd.

[root@localhost RPMS]# rpm -i perl-5.8.0-88.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        perl(Filter::Util::Call) is needed by perl-5.8.0-88

hmm... dependency huh... ok

[root@localhost RPMS]# rpm -i perl-Filter-1.29-3.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        perl >= 0:5.002 is needed by perl-Filter-1.29-3

What the heck?  So how do I do this... if the chicken needs the egg and the egg requires the chicken HOW THE HELL DO I CROSS THE ROAD????
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install them both at the same time ;-)

rpm -Uvh perl-5.8.0-88.i386.rpm perl-Filter-1.29-3.i386.rpm

U - upgrade (or install if not already installed)
v - verbose, tell me what's going on
h - hash marks to track progress

Don't feel bad, it's drove all of us nuts at one time or another ;-)
s_mackAuthor Commented:
lol   thanks
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