Flash and Invisible CFM files

I have a SWF that i want to interact with a database.  I am very familiar with CFMX but I don't really want to embed the swf in a HTML file.  I would rather it run as a exe.  Therefore is there a way to have Flash and CF interact without having to display a CFM page?  Or more succintly, can Flash interact with a database using CF as the medium but not display the cfm file?

I also may be barking up the wrong tree as I have read and heard that Flash will interact directly with a database but I'm not sure where to start with that.
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yes cf can interact with flash..
use a cfc to interact with flash...

and this does not need to be called in a html or cfm page
just double click the swf or exe and it will work..

u need to have flash remoting components installed for cfc's to work with flash..
u will get tons of help if u hit a search on flash remoting and cfc's

also flash does interact with database with a component called firefly, but i haven't used it much..

also u could write txt files or xml files using database records and these can be intun read in flash using flash actio scripting


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skibama1Author Commented:
Sorry, been preoccupied with other things for awhile.

Still researching and playing...but this does look like the direction I want to go.
skibama1Author Commented:
What's a good resource to learn more about CFC's?  And just to make sure that I made myself clear, I want to call data or send data via CF without having to open a window in IE.  I want the swf to run as a standalone EXE.

the best is macromedia examples that u get to download from the site, u go through these examples and u will be a jack of flash mx and cfc in no time.

and yes i did understand ur requirement and yes it will work as just swf or exe if ur fla file is present on the cf server along with the cfc's and the flash remoting components are installed properly.

i used ejb beans for interacting with database and flah was the front end.
but i started by experimenting with cfc's and flash mx.

u won't take much time if u r good in javascript, cfm :-)

so macromedia site is the place u should serach for examples and flash remoting components and flash MX etc...


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