Checkboxes and parsing out numbers

Hi All,

Well i'm struggling a bit with a reasonably simple form submission problem and was wondering if anyone had some ideas for me.

Here's the code:

<FORM NAME="StepTwoRemove" ACTION="editproc.cfm" METHOD="POST">
<TD CLASS="formtext">
      <CFOUTPUT>Remove staff from #AdminDetails.AdminPositionName#</CFOUTPUT>
      <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="StepTwo" VALUE="Yes">
<TD>Select the staff to remove:</TD>
<CFOUTPUT QUERY="AdminDetails" GROUP="AdminPositionID">
  <!--- find staff details for this iteration --->
  <CFQUERY NAME="GetStaffDetails" DATASOURCE="#DataSource#">
      SELECT Staffing.FirstName,
      FROM Staffing
      WHERE Staffing.StaffID = #AdminDetails.StaffID#
      <TD> &nbsp;
      <INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" NAME="#StaffingInAdminID#" VALUE="Yes">
      GetStaffDetails.FirstName# #GetStaffDetails.LastName#&nbsp;&nbsp;Loading <i>    #AdminDetails.LoadingInPosition#</i>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Remove Staff Member(s)"></TD>

So when this loads it loads a list like the following:

CB Firstname lastname loading: 1
CB firstname lastname loading: 1

When this submits i want to then remove the staff who have been checked, meaning the StaffingInAdminID checkboxes would be defined.

The problem i'm struggling with is as it is dynamic, i don't know how to work out how to find what was returned in the FORM structure...
as this will return

maybe this would be easier if i used:
<INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" NAME="Staffing#StaffingInAdminID#" VALUE="Yes">
so it would return
and then just parse off the end number?

I'm not sure, maybe im missing something blatantly obvious here but i think i am getting brain freeze :o)

Thanks for your time,
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just make a checkbox like this:

<INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" NAME="Staffing" VALUE="#StaffingInAdminID#">

so the value is the id of the record.

In the action page there is a list called "staffing" width al ID that you have checked in the form.
(form.staffing = ''24,57,31")
If there is no variable "staffing" there are no checkbox checked.

hope this helps, let me know

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Bingo Mause :-)

bradderickAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mause that worked perfectly!

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