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A user is more than the UTP limit to connect to the switch. If I move the switch next to the user, the switch will be too far away from the server. :-(. Telephone lines is not an option. Going wireless is not an option. What will I do? What hardware requirements/solutions do I need?
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I presume you are talking about standard CAT5 10/100mbs cabling.

In which case, you have two choices;

1.  by a repeater to put inline to 'boost' the signal, therefore doubling the possible distance.

2. Just by a cheap hib/switch to do the same as above, it will need an uplink button though.
   (unless you are capable of wiring the second length of cable differently, to be a crossover.



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Fiber-optical line for example.
If speed of line is not important, coaxial-lines.
I assume that move the user and move the server are not options ? How far exactly are the two apart
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It is necessary to look specifications for each connection separately, but I know precisely, that UTP - the shortest line from possible (~100m for cable between to active points, and less then 3-4 non-switched active points (depend on many criteries)).
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
emmanuelgtadiosa .... you have a few options, depending on the distance you want to cover:

1. UTP cable .... with a good cable you can reach 140m
2. FTP / STP / ISTP cable ...can reach 180m
3. Coaxial 50ohm cable ......can reach 220m
4. Fiber optics ....... can reach 20-60Km on singlemode or up to 5Km on multimode fiber
5. Wireless 802.11x ......can reach 100m w/o external antenna or up to 60Km with ~25db antenna on high points

I recommend using some SM media converters (around $100 each) to cover the distance or if that's less than 200m you can try with a very good cat7 cable and a strong NIC on the computer side.

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UKwizard has given you the easy, simple, cheap answer in the first comment......don't waste your time with the other suggestions.  You can buy a cheap 4 port switch for $29.00 that will double your distance.
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
Now .... JConchie ... this is not nice ...    :- |  
What's not nice about giving somebody a straight answer?
I dont think emmanuelgtadiosa is even reading this anyway, we might as well close it.
Oh well, you'll get the points from cleanup, in a few months, just when you need them......
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