Can Windows 2003 Server be a member server in a Windows 2000 AD native domain?

I just have a really simple question about Windows 2000 domain membership?

Can Windows 2003 Server (non DC) be a member in a Windows 2000 AD native domain?
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of course you can!

as well as NT4 member server....

Redfox_OneAuthor Commented:
I upgraded our domain (15 server - 2DCs) from a 4.0 Domain to a W2K AD (native)... I just wasn't sure about 2003 (as a member server...)

Thanks for all your answers...

Is there an official MS KB artickle or document on this topic? I seem to come across a great deal of NT 4.0 in a W3K AD but not much otherwise...
i couldn't find anything on MS site either. If your question is answered pls close the question. glad that you fixed your problem
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