language for gui application for windows platform.

which language I should use for creating a gui application for windows.

the code has a lots(major) of calculation part. i.e. there is a lot of calculation to be done, so time required and is also important.

I thought of java, but in using what?  AWT, BEANS, SWINGS or some thing else.



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take a look at the .NET platform (C#, VB.NET, J#)

If you want to use Java, you probably want to use Swing (AWT is pretty much superceded by Swing for desktop applications).

Your decision should probably be based more on what you already know and how much you're going to need to learn ;-)
arunm2912Author Commented:
learning is not a problem, problem is the time complextity, is this true that time required for the same algo, is different is different languages.

somebody told me that fortran is better if I have large calculations in my code.

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Fortran is good for arithmetically intensive programming. C/C++ are also good for this (and there are many packgage out there to help you by supporting matrix manipulation and the like, just as there is in Fortran). On a Win32 platform if performance AND GUI are both critical (note that these two needs are, fundamentally, at odds with one another), C/C++ using Borland's or Microsoft's forms building software and infrastructure are probably indicated. An alternative design would be two separate programs, a console application that does the intensive work and a GUI application that sends commands to the other process. This is useful in getting the computation intensive function running earlier (without the GUI). It also decouples the two parts. Disadvantage is if there is a lot of data to move from one to the other.

Hope this helps, -bcl
I don't think FORTRAN supports good GUIs.

To say on a whole seperating the GUI and the business logic(Calculations) would help you deciding to use AWT/Swing/Beans. In any case the core logic(Calculations and business logic) is to written in Core Java, wherein the AWT/Beans/Swing is only for your GUI purposes. Swing supercedes AWT in giving rich GUIs, also it is easier to write code using Swing. Beans can be used if you would like to reusable GUI components.

You can consider Visual Studio 6.0/Visual Studio .NET in building the application since Visual Studio helps in building the GUIs faster than JAVA.

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>> Visual Studio helps in building the GUIs faster than JAVA

That depends on which Java IDE you're using and how good your knowledge of Swing is ;-)
arunm2912Author Commented:
thanks for all those suggesations, but still the coding laguage is yet to decide, ok the GUI can be done in .NET or Swings which ever be easy but if coding is done in C#, it won't be easy to handle both differently rather if I  do the core coding too in java will not that be good enough of there is some other way way out.

arunm2912Author Commented:
the need is in image processing, i need to code for image procesing, now may be I can have some different suggesations.

If the requirement is with Image Processing, I would suggest VC++ or BorlandC++...
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