Do i need .net framework installed

Is it possible to create a front end for a database with and not have to install the .net framework on the computers that are using it.
Reason being i've created a little database front end that i'll need on occasion to use on all computers where i work there is a few hundred, i only want to run the app from the server but i don't want to have to install .net framework on all the computers.
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You will need .NET on every computer that a .NET application is deployed upon, however what you could do is create a web based application using ASP.NET then it's only the web browser required on the client machines.
the .NET framework is a FREE download from Microsoft, and the download is only need 1 Time.  Future releases of MS operations systems, and apps such as Office 2003, and SQL Server, will have the current .NET frmawork BUILT-IN, so event the download will no longer be needed, in the near future.


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Ariel1973Commented:           search---->          thinstall        they said that you can do what you are asking for, good luck
If your front end is a windows/console application you need to have the .NET framework installed on the client. Anyway you get .NET redistributable as a free download from microsoft, which can be used to install .net framework on the clients. If it is web application then you will not need the .NET framework on the client. Internet Explorer 5.01 is the only requirement on the client for web apps.

Visit for more details on pre-requisites of installing .NET framework.

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