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Hi, got a Lotus Notes problem. A guy is taking a laptop out to a client's. He wants to be able to access his mail box via pop3 in Outlook Express whilst hes gone.

So I've set up the account as followsin outlook express. pop3 is 'mailserver.ourcompany.co.uk' and the same goes for the smtp. For the account name I type what I believe to be his mail box on our server which is mr director/OURCOMPANY/UK. For the password I type in his setup internet password.

It works so what is the problem? Well, on the first send/receive outlook express tries to download every email in his inbox. He has got about 1400 emails and heavy attachments and I don't want to download them all. Now I've been informed from other users in the office who were setup by somoene who knew what he was doing that you can have it so that if you have read an email on Lotus Notes on your desktop then when you check your email by pop3 it won't download the emails which have been read in Lotus Notes. Only unread ones. I can't work out how you set this up? Is there a setting somewhere? I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction because I don't want to download all the emails. Part of the problem I think is that I don't understand how the email gets into people's mailboxes on the server in the firstplace. Is there not a central box which all the email coming into the company goes into before being put into people's mailboxes? Should I not be checking that for my pop3? I've never found where this is on our domino server or for that matter where all the sent email goes before it is released. I'd appreciate any light shedding.
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There is no solution on notes/domino side to this and this is not a problem at all... it is just an usability problem.

When the user reads a mail ask him to file it in seperate folder say (ReadMails). And in the outlook select the account name and it will give you synchronize option their specify not to synchronize the ReadMails folder (i.e. you are instructing outlook not to download that folder data).

It is completely in user hands

There actually are several ways to solve this (sorry, hemanth), but they are a little tricky, and not necessarily reliable.

Let me restate your basic problem:

Your office uses Domino for its mail server.  Users typically access the messages via Notes.  A particular user would like to use Outlook Express to access Domino while on the road.  Domino supoprts this (POP3 task), but you end up downloading every mail message tha is in teh system since the account opened.  Plus, every time you download, it checks those messages again (skips the previously downloaded one, but takes a fair bit of time to skip past all of them).

Next,  a bit of axplanation of how it works, and therefore how to fix it...
E-Mail messages are collections of data -- addresses, subject lines, delivery dates, message bodies, attachments.  In Notes/Domino, each message is a DOCUMENT, which contains this "collection of data" for a particular message.  The individual items within the collection are fields (or ITEMS) on the document.

The documents themslves have to be passed around and eventually collected in user's mailboxes.  In Notes/Domino documents are always collected in DATABASE files.  The databases hold the documents, and hold VIEWS that list off teh documents.

When a message reaches a Domino server, it goes into a special database called MAIL.BOX. A progran on the server constantly scans MAIL.BOX for new documents, and decides what to do with each: forward it on to a different server, deliver it to a local mail user, reject it and try to send it back where it came from, or "give up" and declare it dead.

When it delivers to a local user, it opens a database that is designated for that user's mail, e.g., mail\qwalete.nsf or mail\arupert.nsf.  It deletes the document from MAIL.BOX and adds it to the user's mail database.  It also tries to open the Inbox folder, and add the document to the Inbox list.

There are several special views that list of documents, or a calculated subset of documents, within each mail database. One of these views is called ($POP3).  It holds every message that has ever been received in the database.  the server POP3 task uses this view.
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So, one simple way around your current problem would be to modify the ($POP3) view, and set a cutoff date.  It wouldn't completely solve the problem -- Outlook would start with a fairly clean slate, but it would still check and skip) all of today's messages tomorrow, and you would probably have to redo this for each business trip. But it woudl work well enough for most purposes.

Edit the view in designer.  Click on VIEW SELECTION formula.  Change it from:

  DEFAULT DeliveredDate := "";
  SELECT DeliveredDate != ""


  DEFAULT DeliveredDate := "";
  SELECT DeliveredDate > [11/11/2003]

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'd suggest a different approach, with 1400 mails: use a browser to open the user's mailfile. No excess data transferred, no hassle with views etc. If receiving a certain mail is absolutely necessary, he could forward it to another account and retrieve mail from there using POP.
RupertAAuthor Commented:
Thanks Qwaletee,

your date solution has worked excellently for me.

I was also thinking of fiddling with aliasing the Inbox view to ($POP3), which might be a perfect solution, but might also go kablooey.
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