Accesing a share from the run prompt

When i go to Start --> Run and type in "\\" what is the process taken by the computer. As in what port is this command carried to? What exactly is this command translated to?
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Basically if you have a mapped drive with that name it will open the Contents of that drive. What ever you type in the box has to be something that Is recognized by windows For example  a Windows Program thats in the System Folder or any correct path and if you have a internet connection it will open that address
(\\) means it a server and has a network share. when u do \\IP address of FQDN(fully qualified domain name), that means you are trying to access the share from a different computer. I dont think it is related to any ports.
I takes the First available port thats open
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If you wanna know what port it uses then after you run your Command
Type NetStats and it will tell you what port it used
nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:
To see the activate ports type the following command :

netstat -a
If it's Windows 2000 then NETBIOS will use port 445...

If you're using "\\" it will authenticate with the remote machine using your user details (the details you used to login with), if these aren't valid on the remote machine it will prompt you...

You can authenticate with the remote server seperately (and before performing any file operations) by using the:


command... for example:

NET USE \\{remote machine} /USER:bob.smith

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