Windows 2000 Imaging (Kodakimg.exe)


I have a problem with the Imaging software included in Windows 2000 (Imaging or Kodakimg.exe).

On the station (Windows 2000, Terminal Server) I can print the images which are finds locally. On the other hand I cannot print images coming from the network starting from a mapping.  I have to use another software (ACDSee) and its functions.

If someone want to share is idea.

Stephane Vinette
Network Administrator
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Are you sure that comes with windows. I cannot seem to find it on any of my systems.
0210018Author Commented:
Hi Andrewhsia,

Here is the path to the viewer. This viewer is embedded into Windows 2000 and 2003.

"C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessoires\ImageVue\kodakimg.exe"

If the path doesnt seem to be good try a search of this file "kodakimg.exe"

Stephane Vinette
Network Administrator

>>>Are you sure that comes with windows. I cannot seem to find it on any of my systems.

Look Here:    C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\ImageVue   (This is where it is on my PC)


I would like to try to help you but I will need to understand your problem.

>>>on the station (Windows 2000, Terminal Server) I can print the images which are finds locally.

For clarity, you are running terminal services to connect to a server.  You are running the kodakimg.exe from the server and printing files that are stored on the server.  This works for you.

>>>On the other hand I cannot print images coming from the network starting from a mapping

Once again, to clarify, you are still on the same server via terminal services running kodakimg.exe from that server trying to print images that you are accessing using UNC path names (\\computer\Share\FileName.tif)  This does not work for you.

Please review my assumptions above and verify their correctness.

>>>I have to use another software (ACDSee) and its functions.

I don't know what ACDSee does and don't see how this comes in to play here.   If you feel it is important that I know, please elaborate.

By the way, where do you work as an admin?  out of curiosity.
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Just to help out. ACDsee is just another image viewing program like Lviewpro etc. Lets you do stuff like windows explore and then has image file extentions tagged to it so it will let you view them, or pull thumbnails etc.
0210018Author Commented:

I tried ACDSee in order to see whether my problem of impression was coming from Windows 2000 Imaging software. At the beginning this one functioned correctly. At present it makes the same thing as Imaging.

I connect myself to the server by terminal server. Even if i connect myself directly to the server its seem to do the same problem. Every images that are stock localy on the server is printable. All images coming from a mapping (UNC) are not printable by Imaging nor ACDSee.

Note the print icon in the lower right corner appear for 20 second then disappear just like the picture was printing normaly. No error at all.

*** If I open the application first and then I open the image the impression will leave (When i push the print icon).
*** If I double click on the image the application is opening. Then i chosse the print icon. The impression is not done

Stephane Vinette
Did you check to see where the machine was set to print? Since this is a remote server, could it be a different printer set up? Or set to print on the mapped drive machines instead?
I've also had problems printing from the kodak imaging software - printing tif documents off the network resulting in either a completely BLACK page or just a blank page. What type of documents is it you're trying to print?
0210018Author Commented:

I confirm, Im trying to print *.Tiff files from network mapping. Is there any solution to fix that problem.

As a matter of fact I have see a lot of blank page or Black page. But i never used to think that this could be related.

Stephane Vinette

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No matter what we tried (changing printer, changing driver types, ie pcl5, ps and pcl6) it wouldn't work. The only way we got round it was to open the files using another application (like paint or paint shop pro) and then print them.
What happens when you run the image program on your local computer to open images from the server and print them?
It would either print out a blank or black page
Try this program

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