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    This is probably pretty easy, I just can't think of it right now.....

I have 3 computers, all Windows 2000 Professional, hooked up by a peer to peer network.  The guy wants to be able to dial directly into the network from his Windows ME laptop.  Will Windows 2000 Pro accept a dail in connection?  If so how does one go about setting that I need anything special or is everything built right into the OS?

Thanx for any reply's
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Carbon Copy



LapLink Gold

NetOp Remote Control




Sunbelt Remote Administrator

TridiaVNC (Free, no file transfering)


Windows XP Professional—Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop
strick9Author Commented:
I'm not going to give you any points for a bunch of didn't answer my question at all.
CO , looks like a tuff customer here

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strick9Author Commented:
I'm not going to accept some pre-fab automated answer......
>> I'm not going to accept some pre-fab automated answer

This is because you can get faster response from experts. Strategy used by experts to give fast reply..

Wait for few mins CO might give you an explanation.In the mean time ,look into the links he has sent.It is used for remote access.

strick9Author Commented:
I have looked at the links, thanx.

>>>I'm not going to accept some pre-fab automated answer

If it answers your question than what difference does make. Why make a big deal out of it? Geesh
strick9Author Commented:
I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it until this sunray queer chimed in with his:

"CO , looks like a tuff customer here "

Look man I'm just looking for explanation thats all.  Is there anyway to do this without buying add-on software.
Sorry Strick9 , In 2 months since I have joined EE , I have never seen a comment like that.. Sorry if it had hurt you .
I was thinking of giving similar links like CO , but held back once I saw that comment from you ...

OK , i understand that you are looking for an explanation ......

Sorry CO , It you were hurt indirectly by me

Well you might consider using VPN if that is feasible for you.
strick9Author Commented:
Can't use a VPN, as of right now.......

The Network he wants to connect to doesn't have any kind of internet service.......not yet anyway......

And he's pretty urgent about getting this done.  (hence the 500 pts.)

See I know that Win 2000 Server can handle a direct dial up connection because it has authentication services......but going back to my question does Win 2000 pro also have a way of authenticating a direct dial up connection?

If the answer is no, and I have to buy a third party product, that is fine.
Oops sorry I forgot this is Win2000 Pro and I think you need Win2000 server to do the VPN
strick9Author Commented:

That's for Win 2000 Server.......
strick9Author Commented:

Your supposed to be the top expert here......

You can have a Win 2000 Pro to Win 2000 Pro VPN.
strick9Author Commented:
I'll say again.....

You have to have access to the internet.....on both order to make a VPN "Tunnel" through the internet......

Stop giving me a hard time here strick9. If you want my help fine I will continue. If you don't then I will just say goodbye. You want direct dialup for ME which I wasn't paying attention to because I forgot about it. Hence the VPN links I posted. Then I remembered that this was ME to Win2000 hence why I posted the Oops comment.
strick9Author Commented:
I'm sorry man......

please continue....
Ok I would suggest trying the following on because it is free so as to see if something like this will fit the bill. If it does then maybe we can find one that is best suited for the needs. BTW does the Win2000 have a permanent Internet IP address

TridiaVNC (Free, no file transfering)
strick9Author Commented:

You really have to read before you post......

The network is not currently connected to any internet service.

That is why I need a direct dial up solution.

To be more exact.....the guy wants to be able to look at the quickbooks file, preferably without having quickbooks on the remote computer.......something like a Terminal Server application.
>>>To be more exact.....the guy wants to be able to look at the quickbooks file, preferably without having quickbooks on the remote computer.......something like a Terminal Server application.

Hmm curious where are the quickbooks file located. On ME or Win2000?
strick9Author Commented:
On Win 2000 Pro computer which sits on a Peer to Peer network.
strick9Author Commented:
Well, I'm leaving for the day.....won't be able to respond until 7:30 a.m. EST tomorrow......

Thanx for the help.

P.S. don't give up on me.
Ok then I beleive most of those things I posted in my first link will do the job. Try the testing I mentioned using

TridiaVNC (Free, no file transfering)
Rob StoneCommented:
Would using the Dial-up feature 'Accept Incoming Connections' be sufficient?

You can select what users from the User's tab to allow access.  That way you can connect to the PC remotly, but you won't be able to Remote Control it without one of the above software listed by CO.
strick9Author Commented:

Thats the what I'm looking for.....have you ever used the 'Accept Incoming Connections' in such a way before?  Do you have any further info on this feature.......

Because I could care less about "remote controlling" the computer, all I have to be able to do is open the quickbooks file......
Rob StoneCommented:
Ha ha, I thought you would ask if I had used it before.

As far as I got was to create a dial up connection to accept incoming calls, never got around to actually testing it.  Although it does seem pretty easy to do and I'm sure you will be able to get it working no problems.

Here is a link to Professional help from MS.  Under Networking select Make an incoming connection and it will give you a bit more of an overview:

There is also some help in the Windows Help, search for incomming connections and you will be on your way.

If you encounter problems let me know and I will continue where I left off get mine working.

Good luck.

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strick9Author Commented:
Thanx Stoner79.....

Thats what I was looking for.
Hmmm cool I didn't think it would allow programs to be run, perhaps because I never have used this option. I always have free (through a company I did some work for) access to laplink for 5 licenses hence why I haven't tried it. Good call Stoner79
Rob StoneCommented:
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