Getting Rules to work

I'm using build 5.0.11.  For some reason I cannot get any Rules to work -- even the simplest of rules, such as:
  When Subject contains HELLO move to folder HelloFolder

I've tested this with both internal and external mail to no avail.

What must I do to get Rules to work?
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Rules can be tempermental, it is true.

Is this for mail Domino delivers, or retrieved from POP3?
smitty22Author Commented:
Domino. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I have replication set up.
Not sure where you might be wrong ...!

1. Check this technote

2. Try compacting your destop.dsk and deleting cache.dsk and headline.nsf file this should fix most of the rule related problems

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Refresh the design and check if the same problem is facing with other users and let us know the result.

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What are you talking about?! All your stuff in (2) is client related.  Rules run at the server.

I HAVE seen corrupted calendar profiles.  Since the rules formulas are all stored on the profile, I suppose a corrupted profile could lead to this.

See if rules work in a freshly created mail file.
smitty22Author Commented:
madheeswar: > Refresh the design

What does this accomplish? Refresh dseing Of server or locally? I'm not an admin on my server, I doubt I'll be allowed to do this.
You can almost certainly refresh design of your own mail database.
The second point is just to make sure that client upgrade din't dissrupt the setup.

Smitty any improvement ??
smitty22Author Commented:
Well, the rules are at least moving messages around now -- the wrong messages though.

I've created the rule I note in my original question.  The behavior seems to be erratic.  For instance, a few messages that met the condition WERE sent to the folder, while others were not.  Also, some documents that did not match were sent to the folder, and some that did not match were left alone.  Quite strange.  

I haven't yet noticed any distinction between the documents that are sent to the folder and those that aren't.  I've tried sending from external internal mail accounts and from fellow internal domino users.  Still no difference.

I have refreshed the design of the database, I'll let you know how it turns out.

I appreciate the help!
One thing to note... the rules will work on partial matches too


Hello and Othello are same .. if you want only Hello word to be searched then give space on either side of the word it will work
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