Reload the jsp page with different parameter

OK,  I've done this before but now I'm getting some funky error

check this out

<table width=100% border=1 bordercolor=blue>
    <td width=25% align=center>
                        <form name=frmAllowed>
                                    Authorized Users<br>
                                    <select name=selAuth size=8
The problem I'm having is with the onChange event of the button.  I need to reload the same page with the value from a select control.  I'm using 0 as a test.  The error I'm getting is

Object required: 'document'

I also need to know how to get the value of the select control named selAuth

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Just a typo I think ;-)
Isn't it

if you want to get the value with javascript
    this.form.selAuth like jimmack said
if you want to get the value in JSP  
    String var = request.getParameter("selAuth");

and try using window.location instead document.location (by the way, maybe is nothing but in the code you post you wrote doucument instead document)

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>> try using window.location instead document.location

(I'm no JavaScript guru ;-))  Is this to do with browser compatibility?
dds110Author Commented:


returns the literal string in my address


Is this correct?
dds110Author Commented:
by the way, I have several forms on this html page

document.location.href='admin.jsp?person=' + this.form.selAuth

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the object document has an array of forms whose index start with 0 so, if you have your var selAuth in the first form of your page you have to write


if is in the second


and so on.
dds110Author Commented:
tried jimmack's suggestion

Now I get


Tried evedder's suggestion; same outcome

I try not to post tons of code, but would anyone mind if I did?
dds110Author Commented:
OK, just a bit of code then...

<table width=100% border=1 bordercolor=blue>
    <td width=25% align=center>
      <form name=frmAllowed method=post>
      Authorized Users<br>
      <select name=selAuth size=8
        onChange="document.location.href='admin.jsp?person='" + document.frmAllowed.selAuth.selectedIndex + "'">
<!-- the preceding line needs to pick up the selected value of the select box and then requery the server for admin.jsp passing the value to the variable person -->
        <option value=<%=db.getIntFromResult("intUserID")%>><%=db.getStringFromResult("NAME")%></option>
        catch(Exception ex){out.println(ex);}
        <option value=9999>
<!-- this for loop provides spacing only for the select control -- >
        <%for(int x=0;x<20;x++){%>

It is this line:

onChange="document.location.href='admin.jsp?person='" + document.frmAllowed.selAuth.selectedIndex + "'">

That I need to get the value from.  Any ideas?  The rest of the page works as expected.
what you have to do is:

let's naming the code you post as "index.html"

as selAuth is inside a form you dont have to pass his value within the url so, the line would be


in "admin.jsp" you need to get selAuth so, you need this line

String varname = request.getParameter("selAuth")

this assign the value you have selected in selAuth in index.html to varname in admin.jsp so you can use this variable.

If the index.html and the admin.jsp is the same page is the same procedure try it
Thanx ;-)
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