What hardware is needed?

I would like to know everything that I need to hook up my laptop, which is running XP Pro, to my Playstation 2 and my Xbox through a router, preferably  wireless. I have broadband through cable. I would like to use Lynx brand buy I am not sure what all that I need to accomplish this task.   Thank you, Jeremy
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I have internet connection at home wired, and wireless using a linksys wireless 54g router with 4 ethernet ports, and a cable broadband internet connection.

All you need is 1 router and maybe a few cat 5 straight ethernet cable, (for connections to xbox or PS2 if applicable and the subscription/kits to connect i.e xbox live)

Manufacturer Instructions for setting the router were straight forward and after cloning the router, (making it think it was still connected to the pc I was able to use the internet on my desktop machine and a laptop and my cousins pc and xbox which is over 200 ft away.

One thing you would need to check with your ISP when connecting:-
Is the Ip Static or Dynamic - (One that you set or one which is set by ISP)
and the WAN mac address for the router to be registered with the isp - No need if you clone the address.

The best way to connect the router i found was to power down all equipment and connect it, then switch on the cable modem first then the router and then the pc's and i was connected.

Hope this Helps, :-)


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