Rep / Save resolution in R6

I heard there is some cooler ways to prevent rep/save conflict in R6 OTHER THAN "merge replication conflict" in form properties. How effective is this ?

Forget about R6 for a moment, even in R5 -
Is there any way to RE-WARN and LOG IN HISTORY field the merging of documents after the replication/save warning is prompted to the user and 'Yes' is clicked ?

Pl, feel free to suggest any other method also to prevent rep /saves conflict. I have used locking/unlocking of document in the past but it is not that effective. We still get rep/saves may be due to some network glitch or backend documents saves or partial saves. We are running our applications on only one server. It do replicate but with a read only replica of the db in another zone server. So there is no way changes are coming from the other server.


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navgupAuthor Commented:
Do you know of any tool that helps in selecting a document and then showing a list of fields in it and have one at a time modify the field value or delete a field completely ?
Pl provide me with the name or link of the tool.

Thanks !
navgupAuthor Commented:
Sorry.. please ignore my comment from 11/10/2003 02:06 pm PST which is entered incorrectly.
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navgup, since you say that there is no active replicas which does writes I believe it is just save conflicts only. This basically depends on how your form is setup. Here are few suggestions to avoid save conflicts

1. Disable Automatically refresh fields of the form to avoid unnecessary field refresh causing data conflicts
2. If you can.. split the document into Main and response docs. Where main document consists of data with least write activity and responses are dedicated for each user so that each can have their own copy to work with
3. Enable document locking in R6 or implement one in R5/R4

I would say with R6 you should see more control on your conflicts than before by using various option of managing conflict data in combination with document locking.

navgupAuthor Commented:
Where can i find more information on R6 document locking ? How does it work ? how effective that is ?

thanks !
R6 locking is enabled at the daatbase level.  There are controls to lock/unlock that use a "central locking server" to try the locks.  (The central locking server would be your only server if there are no replicas).  Local/offline/disconnectd instances will use optimisic locking.

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navgupAuthor Commented:
Thanks Hemantha,
Even though i am now getting the document handle. I have lotus script code stored in those documents. I want to execute different code depending upon the document the admin is going to select.
Each of these document code is meeting a different purpose to be executed from an agent.
I hear that you want to execute the document/form code from an agent. Is that correct ?

If so move the code to script library and use it both in agent and form.

BTW, is this anyway relevant to your initial problem ? What are you upto ?
navgupAuthor Commented:
I don't want to change any design code every time i decide to make a code change. That requires a release of application everytime to implement every time. That is why i want to make the code dynamically stored in a document and use it / call it from an agent/ button.
I think you have confused this with other question.. I have replied in other thread about required info.
navgupAuthor Commented:
The following is the code i am using from a button within a document. Tempdoc.Code(0) contains more LS code in it to execute.  In the TempCode.Code(0) 's code im using a public variable called 'Selecteddoc' to have control over another document. This 'Dim Selecteddoc as notesdocument' is defined in the 'Declaration' of the button.

But it is giving the following error:
$Execute$+40: Variable not declared :SelectedDoc

Button Code:
dim Selecteddoc as notesdocument

Sub Initialize
      Dim codestring As String
      Dim dcoll As notesdocumentcollection
      Set dcoll = ws.PickListCollection( 1, True, "usserver", "khni\us01.nsf", "CodeLib", "Select a Document", "Use one of the data admin code " )
      If dcoll.Count < 1 Then
            Msgbox " You cannot use multiple documents. Please select only one document at a time. "
            Exit Sub
            Set Tempdoc = dcoll.Getfirstdocument
            codestring$ = Tempdoc.Code(0)
      End If
      Dim retcode As Integer
      Msgbox codestring$
      retcode% = Execute(codestring$)
End sub
navgupAuthor Commented:
I got it figured myself.. thanks for your help.
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