Can Ping internet, but not local network pcs or default gateway

Ok, this is the most bizarre network problem I've ever seen. I've got PC running Windows 2000 Pro. I am having problems connecting to local network resources, specifically, I cannot ping anything on the LAN except my own address. I cannot even ping my default gateway (router), my server, or other PC's.  Other PC's can ping the gateway, the server, and each other. NO pc's can ping this Windows 2000 pro. The bizarre part is that I CAN ping outside addresses such as, and I can surf the web all day long with no errors whatsoever. I have only 1 DHCP server from which all PC's get their address. The Windows 2000pro PC in question is on the same subnet (ip=, gw=, mask = I have other Win2000 pro PC's that work just fine.

When I run a TRACERT to, the first hop (my gateway) say's "request timed out", but then all the other hops out in Internet world come back with a reply.

This is just 1 computer acting this way, all other pc's can ping local gateway, have full internet access, etc.

I've got Norton Antivirus 7.6, with updates from 11/5/03, ran full system scan - it found and cleaned the backdoor.coreflood virus. Subsequent scans after rebooting find no viruses but it seems there is some sort of denial of service going on.

Any ideas let me know!

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Sounds Verry wierd...
 Usually if you cant ping the gateway or other computers on your lan you can not get on the net.. the computer does get its ip address from the dhcp server.. so it sees it..

 but viruses are nasty i would try a repair install on win 2k or even a full install to be sure during the clean it may have messed something up...

umm  wierd...

any wierd entries in the hosts file?
sparks44Author Commented:
Ya a reinstall might be required, I updated from SP3 to SP4, got all the latest patches and fixes...but no change...trying to avoid a reinstall

Good thought with the hosts files...checked it and lmhosts...nothing in there MS didn't put there.
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Well the hosts file might affect name resolution, but shouldn't afect ip ping (but was grasping at straws, as this is a weird one LOL
No strange local or group policies?
sparks44Author Commented:
No policies...this is a stand-alone workstation in a network of other stand alone systems., no duplicate name on LAN, no duplicate IP address (that I know of), just 1 strange computer.
static ip's?
try adding one of the locals to the lmhosts file and see if you can ping by ip
Are the other machines on a different subnet?

Does the machine you can't see have any kind of personal firewall installed on it?

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sparks44Author Commented:
Yes, the user installed sonciwall vpn client when I wasn't looking (we don't use sonic vpn..hmm not sure what he is up to). Anyways thanks for the tip...I didn't even think to check for the personal firewall software
sparks44Author Commented:
Everything works normal again, thanks all for your ideas, thanks Mike for the solution
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