Add a route using a hostname in Windows XP

I have two computers conected to the same hub but with dynamic IPs that have different subnets. I'd like to add a static route using the hostname of each computer but rute command in windows XP only allow IP. Is there any way to add a static route using a hostname in Windows XP?
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In a word, No

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You can have more than 1 ip address on an interface.
If they're in the same collision domain, add a static private ip address to each from an unused subnet and add a host file entry for the other machine.

yo0mismoAuthor Commented:
Yes, they are in the same collision domain, but the problem is that my internet provider uses DHCP. Surprisingly, Windows XP doesn't allow multiple IPs if you obtain the IP fron a DHCP server. How can I solve that?
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...Maybe I'm missing something but why not just add a secondary statement into the host file?
Your internet provider is providing two world routable addresses on different subnets to two machines on your network?

Use dynamic dns.
You CAN specify alternate dns under dhcp and use their tool for updating the dns when your dhcp addresses change.
yo0mismoAuthor Commented:
I do use a dinamic DNS client ( so I have a hostname for each computer. And yes, the addresses given by the DHCP server of my internet provider for each computer are not part of the same subnet.
So, how can I fake XP to route traffic to each other computer? I have two static hostnames.
Get a router, will make your life simpler
d-link and linksys make good ones for about $50 USD
If you have a DNS entry, you only need to use the hostnames.
Entering your dynamic DNS provider's DNS server will eliminate the latency in DNS propagation to your ISP's DNS when your address changes.

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