KILLCMOS has killed my CMOS

I tried running KILLCMOS in order to get past my BIOS password on my old HP Vectra PC running WIN95 and now when I reboot all I get after the very beginning of the boot is OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND. I am afraid I get bamboozled by DEATHBOY. I was hesitant to run this program but after I saw it listed at what seemed like reputable sites, I gave it a shot! Bad move! I have files on that computer that I cannot get to but would really like to get back.  ACtually, like to get it back up and running like before (without the bios password). Anybody out there able to give a novice a helping hand! The Vectra runs PHOENIX Bios (ver 4?)
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Do you know if the BIOS is of the flashable kind?
Does it pass the POST test (startup test) okay?
Does it test memory?

If your computer runs the memory test and then tells you "OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND", it may be because:
A) The BIOS isn't configured to recognize your hard drive after being cleared. (Best case scenario; very likely)
B) The boot is missing from your hard drive and needs to be rewritten; it simply points to where your OS is located so that the BIOS can force it to be loaded.
C) The Partition Map or other file system structures have been cleared and need to be rewritten, if possible, for the BIOS to recognize you have any OS installed. (Worst case scenario; unlikely, but possible with a utility like the one you mentioned)

See if you can press F1 on startup to enter the BIOS config program; that's the normal key for PhoenixBIOS 4.0 and higher; ver 3.xx and lower use F10 I believe, you might also want to try that.

If you can get into the BIOS, try running the Hard Drive autodetection, or ensure that your "Primary Master" device settings is Auto, not "Disabled" or "None".

Report back with the results!

Correction: B) Should read "The boot block is missing from your hard drive..."

A virus designed to kill the CMOS?
seems odd the anti-virus goes crazy when you download this program, as I was always told if it smells like (Edited by Computer101) then it likely is(Edited by Computer101), but if you really want to know then taste it, and if it tastes like (Edited by Computer101) then it must be (Edited by Computer101).

Looks like you tasted it this time, and the taste was nasty.
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I guess my point was it is possible someone replaced the file with a real virus, I know the real program is detected as a virus, but if someone replaces that with a real virus then it will cause you harm. personally I wouldn't use it if I wasn't completely sure it was safe. I would have tested it first on an old computer to be sure it was safe and not on one with critical data on it.
Fist thing is first when recovering data is mentioned.  Get your data backed up.

Take out the drive and mount in another system as a slave then recover your stuff. Be sure the other system has antivirus software running and is scanning realtime.

By the way-  you dont have a floppy in the drive right

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
You might want to take a look here, maybe these people can help you recovering your system by selling you a new bios chip =>

you need to reset the cmos by taking moving the cmos jumper ping to the avilble ping
then you need to put a boot disk into the machine and copy the fine onto c:\
reboot the machine leaving the boot disk in the machine and run c:\scandisk /surface/autofix
Or just reset up the BIOS to boot from C or IDE0, it sounds like it is trying to find the OS but cannot.

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Solutionsman2003, any feedback please...
please reply

Your HDD may be dead, put in any boot disk and boot up, after the A:\ prompt type C: and then hit enter, if you get an error then the HDD is dead and all data lost, now type format C: and enter and now put the OS cd in the cd rom and reboot, type d:
and then setup.exe
and your off.

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
There is some good information here, I think it should at least be PAQed
There was no feedback from the questioner, but will PAQ it for zero points for the info in the thread.

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